Sam Johnson ’19

“Studying English at CSB/SJU has equipped me with the tools to write and communicate effectively both in grad school and in my career. Further, the English Department taught me how to think critically and creatively in my everyday life.”

Clubs and Activities at CSB/SJU:

Men’s Basketball

Current Job:

Event Operations Coordinator at Prep Network

What was your favorite English class? Why?

Revolutionary Americas taught by Yvette Piggush was the English class that drove me towards the major. The pedagogy and engaging content, framed in the context of history, made the course engaging and memorable.

What professor left a lasting impact on you?

Janna LaFountaine from the Exercise Science department challenged me academically and led me to think about sport as an academic discipline. Her mentorship has guided my future career goals.

Did you do an internship while at CSB/SJU? How did it help you?

I served as an events and facilities intern in the Saint John’s University Athletic Department during my time as a student. This helped me land a post-graduate internship as well as be accepted into graduate school following the completion of my undergraduate degreework.

Did you do any Study Abroad programs or clubs when you were at CSB/SJU?

I was involved as a student assistant coach with the men’s basketball program during my time at CSB/SJU.

What class was most beneficial to your future career?

Sport Administration was probably most beneficial, as it was tied directly to my future career path working in sport.

How did your English education at CSB/SJU help you land your first or future jobs?

The English department at SJU taught me to think critically about issues in my every day life. It challenged me to listen first, ask questions, and always value the power of effective writing.

Why did you choose the profession that you chose?

I chose the profession I am in because it allows me to be involved in sport while also working directly with young people. My job allows me to think on my feet, rather than sitting behind a desk from 9:00-5:00.

What is one piece of advice that you have for current students?

What makes CSB/SJU special is the power to make your education what you make of it. Don’t be afraid to offer help, get involved in a department you are interested in, and get practical work experience under your belt. There are always opportunities to get involved beyond your coursework, and those relationships can go a long ways when it’s time to look beyond graduation.

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English Grad Update


Sam Johnson ’19

English Major, Exercise Science & Sport Studies Major

Sam is currently completing his Master’s in Sport Management through the University of Kansas online, as well as working full-time as an event operations coordinator at Prep Network.

Some of his most recent works include:

  • “Female Coaches’ Perspectives: Joys and Challenges,” a Mixed methods research article focused on the joys, challenges, and overall experiences of female high school coaches in the State of Minnesota.
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