Grace Lapp ’23

Where do you call home?

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Why did you decide to major in the English Department?

I chose to major in English because of my love to read and write. At CSB/SJU, my English professors have helped me develop my critical thinking and creativity. These are both important skills that go beyond the classroom.

What has been your favorite English Department class? Why?

I would have to say either Creative Nonfiction (ENGL 311) or the Film Studies electives (ENGL 286/386).

What are you looking forward to as a student in the English Department?

I look forward to writing about my experiences as I travel across Europe in the Spain program and the Italy Creative Writing program. 

What advice do you have for other English students?

I always hear things like “English majors don’t make a lot of money” or “You won’t find a good job.” Money does not equate to happiness nor a “good” job. Don’t listen to those people. Do what makes you happy.

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Grace Lapp ’23

English and Hispanic Studies double major

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Yvette South
Chair, English Department

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Department Coordinator
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