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"Modernity, Gender and the Panorama in Early Republican Literature"

By Yvette Piggush

An extensive essay in Early American Literature 48.2 (2013): 425-456. Read the full text.

"In Claro" and "II. Pictures from Prague"

By Jessica Harkins

Jessica Harkins has published two poems in the Fall 2013 issue of The Adirondack Review. See the  Table of Contents.

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 Still Birth

By Mara Faulkner, OSB

Sister Mara recently published her fourth book through Finishing Line Press.
Sister Mara also has an essay appearing in The Story Within: Personal Essays on Genetics and Identity published by John Hopkins Press.

Ascension Theory

By Chris Bolin

Chris Bolin has published his first collection of poems with the prestigious University of Iowa Press poetry series. 

"To the Space Beside Me"

By Betsy Johnson-Miller

"To the Space Beside Me," a featured essay, was published in the journal Under the Gum Tree.

Read the author interview.

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"Honey and Bread"  

By Cindy Malone

"Honey and Bread" was published in Ars Medica, Vol. 9, No. 1, Fall, 2013.

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Chaucer's Clerk's Tale and Boccaccio's DecameronX.10

By Jessica Harkins

The Chaucer Review
Vol. 47, No. 3 (2013), pp. 247-273
Published by: Penn State University Press

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 A Clock and a Companion Poem to Marvell's 'To His Coy Mistress'.

By Matt Harkins

Notes and Queries, 2012 June; 59 (257) (2): 179-180.

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"Writers and Critics at the Dinner Table: Tristram Shandy as Conversational Model"

By Cindy Malone

Post Road Magazine, Fall 2012.

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"Fierce this Falling"

by Betsy Johnson-Miller

"Fierce this Falling" is her second published book of poetry; she has also authored two books for young adults. Read about her new book, published by Mayapple Press, here.

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"I dream to find you," "Sisters," and "Noctourne"

By Jessica Harkins

Jessica Harkins (Assistant Professor of English) has published three lyric poems in the July 2012 issue of Lingerpost. Read her poems here.

"Things I Didn't Know I Loved"

by Mara Faulkner, OSB

S. Mara Faulkner (Associate Professor of English) was awarded the annual Foley Poetry Prize by the editors of America, the national Catholic weekly magazine.

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The Fountain

by Betsy Johnson Miller

Description: When Litney tells Dokken about their last adventure (which included talking bears and malevolent shapeshifters), she's afraid she has scared away her one true friend. That is until a chance encounter with a terrifying man, his kindly wife, and their neurotic dog plunges them into a dazzling new world where they experience everything from jealousy and betrayal to surprising friends and creepy enemies. But the real question is will Litney and Dokken find what everyone is looking for before it is too late?

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A Young Voice, a Statue, and Marvell's 'The Nymph Complaining'.

By Matt Harkins

Cambridge Quarterly, 2010; 39 (3): 201-216.

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"Brokeback Mountain and the History of the Future of the Normal"

By Luke Mancuso

Citation: Mancuso, Luke. "Brokeback Mountain and the History of the Future of the Normal." Ed. Joanne Juett and David Jones. Coming Out to the Mainstream: New Queer Cinema in the 21st Century: 91-121. Cambridge S P, 2010.

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Listen to "Tongues of Fire"

 by Ozzie Mayers

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Headwaters: a CSB/SJU faculty Journal

(Fall, 2009, No. 26, 2009, pg. 56-61): "Tongues of Fire."

Citation: "Tongues of Fire," Headwaters 26 (2009).

Going Blind: A Memoir

by Mara Faulkner

A Memoir and meditation on blindness. For more information on Going Blind, including a copy of the first chapter, visit the book's home page at SUNY Press. Suny Press Page

July 2009

"Stillbirth: A Psalm for Holy Week."

 by Mara Faulkner

Faulkner, Mara. "Stillbirth: A Psalm for Holy Week." Ed. Jim

Perlman. Blessed on the Earth: 150 Poems of Grief and

Gratitude. Ed. Deborah Cooper, Mara Hart, and Pamela

Mittelfehldt. Holy Cow!, 2009. Print.

The Bracelet

By Betsy Johnson-Miller

Description: The adventure begins when fourteen-year-old Litney Way finds an unusual bracelet at a garage sale. To her shock and surprise, inside the bracelet's box is a note . . . from her own mother! The bracelet leads Litney on an adventure she never could have imagined. Who would have thought a fourteen-year-old could fight evil and save her world? Who would have thought a bracelet would be the key to everything?

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Making "Young Hamlet"

 by Matthew Harkins

"Rather than portray an archetypal contest between the young and the old or portray Hamlet's developmental progression from youth to maturity, the play examines the production and application of these categories as political phenomena..."

See full article in the current issue of Studies in English Literature 1500-1900, Spring 2009, vol. 49, no. 2. PDF version also available.

Citation: "Making 'Young Hamlet'," Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 49 (2009).

"The Pleasures of Prayer"

by Luke Mancuso

Headwaters Journal (Spring 2007), 47.

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"Cultural Contexts: Civil War" in The Blackwell Companion to Walt Whitman. Ed.: Donald Kummings. 290-310. London and NY: Blackwell, 2005.

By Luke Mancuso

"Comprising 35 original essays written by leading scholars, this Companion constitutes an exceptionally broad-ranging and in-depth guide to one of America's greatest poets. The Companion makes the best and most up-to-date scholarly thinking on Walt Whitman available to students. It encourages them to be more aware of the contexts of Whitman's work, and helps them to understand the experimental nature of his writings. The contributions in this section range over subjects such as national identity, imperialism, slavery, race, gender, sexuality, and popular culture."

Table of Contents: http://bookshop.blackwell.co.uk/jsp/id/A_Companion_to_Walt_Whitman/9781405195515

Reference essays in The Walt Whitman Encyclopedia

By Luke Mancuso

"Leaves of Grass (1867 edition)." Walt Whitman Encyclopedia. Eds. Donald Kummings and J. R. LeMaster. (Garland Press, 1998) 365-368.

To read the full text click here.

"Leaves of Grass (1871-1872 edition)." Walt Whitman Encyclopedia. Eds. Donald Kummings & J. R. LeMaster. (Garland Press, 1998) 368-372.

To read the full text click here. Reconstruction." Walt Whitman Encyclopedia. Eds. Donald Kummings and J. R. LeMaster. (Garland Press, 1998) 576-77.