Publications of Cindy Malone

Artists’ Books at Clemens Library: Integrations Curriculum”—2020, A digital book featuring works from our artists’ book collection that aims to make Clemens Artists’ Book Collection more visible. There are stunning works in this collection: a book that serves as a memorial to the disappeared in Chile, a portfolio of prints addressing climate change, the libretto for Anne Carson’s experimental opera based on the life of a 14th -century mystic (printed at the Welle Book Arts Studio at CSB). Because the collection must be locked away and because the library catalog entries can’t capture the distinctive features of these books, it has been difficult for faculty members and students to discover these works.

“Honey and Bread”—2013, Published in Ars Medica, Vol. 9, No. 1, Fall. DigitalCommons@CSB/SJU

“Writers and Critics at the Dinner Table: Tristram Shandy as Conversational Model”—2012, Post Road Magazine. DigitalCommons@CSB/SJU

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