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Form from Form – 2018, As their sites drift from workers’ camps to city squares, isolated coasts to windswept plains, the poems in Form from Form trace a map of a fragmented ecology, dense with physical detail of altered landscapes and displaced populations. In tones of austere beauty and harsh discordance, these poems provide a “field guide to luminescent things,” a visionary fretwork of the possibilities and impossibilities of faith in the present moment. University of Iowa Press

Excerpt from “Manuscript,” Form from Form

This is where they tore the vellum

to illuminate the slaughter of the lamb. And this is where they kept the pages blank to illuminate the lambs

they did not choose. This is where they thinned the vellum to illuminate the shroud: and this is where pausing

illuminates the absence of the body which is an illumination of the resurrection and of the ascension; and this is the illumination of the second coming:

of the gold-leafing, smoothing the tufted pages

Triage Songs, University of Iowa Press, 2018

Ascension Theory – 2013, Chris Bolin has published his first collection of poems with the prestigious University of Iowa Press poetry series. Purchase on Amazon

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