The study of English at the College of Saint Bendedict and Saint John’s University combines literature and literary history with cultural studies, literary theory, film, and creative and analytical writing; this multiplicity within the field of English studies leads to constant investigation of the relationship between individual agency and language.

English Major

(40 credits)
English majors hone the skills that matter most to employers: critical thinking and clear, effective writing about complex issues. The English major teaches students to read thoughtfully and perceptively, to listen carefully, to analyze critically, and to express their ideas logically, clearly, and precisely.

English Major with a Concentration in Creative Writing

(44 credits)
Our Concentration in Creative Writing offers students a combined degree in English and Creative Writing. Featuring craft talks and workshops with local, national, and international writers through our Literary Arts Institute, our campuses provide an inspiring location for writing and exploration with faculty and students from around the world.

English Major with Secondary Education Licensure

(44 credits)
Students may combine an English Major with a Secondary Education Minor and graduate fully prepared for a career in teaching. This major allows students to pursue a career in teaching while expanding their knowledge of literature and writing, and developing their ability to think clearly, critically, and creatively.

English Minor

(20 credits)
The English Minor provides fundamental training in English while offering students the opportunity to choose a cluster of courses that complement their major or individual interests. Students pursuing the English minor take core English classes combined with electives of their choice that allow them to expand their reading and writing skills.

Writing Minor

(20 credits)
The Writing Minor allows students to choose the forms and genres of writing they most wish to practice. Minors choose from courses in essay writing, media writing, creative writing, business writing, environmental writing and more.

Narrative Practice Minor

(20 credits)
The Narrative Practice Minor provides pre-professional students with training in close-reading creative writing to engage in experiential learning aligned with their future professions. Participants in the minor will deliver creative writing programming in workplace, clinical, school and/or public-space settings while empowering other institutions to respond to community need with these techniques. The primary, initial focus of the Narrative Practice minor is to provide creative writing training and clinical experience through new and already-existing collaborations with external partners such as CentraCare and other locatal businesses.