Catie Parker ’23

Where do you call home?

Albertville, Minnesota

Why did you decide to minor in the English Department?

I decided to major in English, because I love to read and write. The professors are awesome and the people are so kind. Writing and interpreting texts can benefit one in any field of study they decide to pursue, which is just one of the many reasons I chose English as my major!

What has been your favorite English Department class? Why?

Early Western Lit. with Jessica Harkins!! It was in this class I discovered my love not only for literature in general, but also for literature specifically in the age of ancient antiquity! Not to mention, Jessica is an amazing prof., and I learned so much about myself as a writer and areas I needed to improve in.

What are you looking forward to as a student in the English Department?

I am super excited for Jessica Harkins' class this spring about women in antiquity. It combines both my loves for English and Classics, and I'm so pumped to dive into each topic.

What advice do you have for other English students?

Don't be afraid to ask your profs for help- whether that be asking how you can improve your writing, how you can participate more in class, etc. Your profs are here to help you, and they want to see you succeed!

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Catie Parker ’23

English and Classical Studies Major

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Jessica Harkins
Chair, English Department
SJU Quad 350B

Laura Schmitz
Temporary Department Coordinator (Through spring 2024)
SJU Quad 362D/451