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CSB student Olivia Zajac with fellow writer John Milton in the library of Trinity College, Dublin.

Olivia is currently studying in Cork, Ireland with the Study Abroad Program. She is a junior at the College of Saint Benedict and is majoring in English.





Students & Graduates

Jolene Brink
Accepted to M.F.A. in Creative Writing at the University of Montana.


Bailey Zallek
Received Summer Honors' Thesis Fellowship for "She Keeps Me Warm": An Anthropology (advisor: Jessica Harkins).


Luke Muyskens
Poems "Pull of Leaves," as well as "Big Sky Now," published in the Washington, D.C. quarterly journal, Sundial Review (December 2014).
Accepted to M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Latin America at Queens College, Charlotte, NC. Luke has been accepted to programs in fiction and screenwriting and looks forward to working with acclaimed American fiction
writer, Maxine Swann.




New Faculty Publications

Cindy Malone
Article, "Noses in Books: Orientation, Immersion, and Paratext" published in Interdisciplinary Science Reviews.


Betsy Johnson-Miller
Essay, "Goodnight," in the latest issue of the Mid-American Review
(December 2014).
New poem, "A Still Life," in the current issue of Boulevard.


Christina Tourino
"The Leisured Testes: White Ball Breaking as Surplus Masculinity,"
forthcoming from The Journal of Popular Culture.



Featured Student Publication

Marissa Deml won the Wagner-Berger Prize for her short story, "Later." Read the full story in Studio One, Volume 40.

"Milly washes and dries her hands while twisting her neck to read the instructions on the cardboard box for the third time. She always thought pregnancy tests took three minutes, but the instructions tell her to wait five. 'Probably more accurate,' she mutters to the box."

-Excerpt from "Later" by Marissa Deml



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