Poetry Slam

Roxanne Tchida '04

The CSB/SJU Writing Center and the English Department sponsored a poetry workshop on Monday, November 10, and will also sponsor a poetry slam on Sunday, November 16.

Slam poetry is a relatively new way of reading poetry.  Instead of the quiet bookstore atmosphere that is often associated with poetry readings, slam poetry is a competitive form of art that focuses both on what a poem is saying and on how it's being said.  Because slammers display a wide range of emotions and topics, their audience should be prepared to hear anything from a soft-spoken love ballad to an angry rant about U.S. foreign policy and everything that lies between.  People compete both on a team and as individuals.  Scores come from people randomly chosen from the audience. 

At the Poetry Workshop held on Monday, November 10, Minnesota Slam Master, Cynthia French, was present to teach participants everything they needed to know about performance poetry.  Participants were asked to bring a poem to share.  Some signed up to compete at the actual Poetry Slam that will be held on Sunday, November 16, at 7 p.m. in Br. Willie's Pub, where three professional slam poets from the Minneapolis area will team up with our college rookies.  Last year we had an excellent turnout.  We expect to have another high-energy, enlightening, all-around good time once again.  Anyone who wants to come watch is welcome.  The event is free.