What We Look Like Now


Dr. Steven Thomas teaches a class in the Quad at St. John's.




 Dr. Jessica Harkins works in her Quad office.




 Dr. Christina Shouse Tourino prepares to teach a class.




 Dr. Luke Mancuso does some paperwork in his office.




 Dr. Mike Opitz reads through student work in his Richarda office.




 Betsy Johnson-Miller works at her office desk.




 Dr. Luke Mancuso talks with students in his class in the Quad.




 Dr. Ozzie Mayers goes through his mail in his Richarda office.




 Dr. Matt Harkins does computer work in his office in the Quad.




 S. Mara Faulkner works in her office at St. Ben's.




 Matt Callahan meets with a student in his office.




 Dr. Matt Harkins reads with his class in the Quad.