May 2010




Department Notepad: a biannual bulletin of English faculty/staff/student/alum development, events, publications, and activities (click on notepad icon to view).






What We Look Like Now: a portfolio of CSB/SJU English faculty/staff/student  photos and captions.


 Christina Shouse Tourino

"The Music in Cultural Studies":

Christina Shouse Tourino (Associate Professor of English) engages in an effervescent audio interview with Luke Mancuso about her teaching, courses, projects. (click Christina's picture to listen)


 Matt Callahan

Fiction: "A Cow's Life"

Faculty member Matt Callahan presents one of his published short stories, with audio reading/commentary on the text. (click Matt's picture to listen)


Mark Conway

"Literary Arts Institute Links": 

An audio interview with renowned poet Mark Conway, Director of the CSB Literary Arts Institute, who chats with Luke Mancuso---highlighting LAI programs and writers on our campuses---and the poet's reading of his own and other poet's poems.

Mark Conway's book Dreaming Man, Face Down, won the 2009 American Poetry Journal Book Prize and will be published this summer.  His previous book of poetry, Any Holy City, was short-listed for the 2007 PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award for Poetry.  His work has appeared in The Paris Review, Slate, American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, Bomb, The Walrus and elsewhere.  Conway directs the Literary Arts Institute at the College of Saint Benedict.

To read Conway's poem, "Scholar of Sorrows,"  click on this link:

To listen to the interview, click Mark's picture.


Christina Shouse Tourino

"Captured in Capstone":

Video link to her Spring 2010 English 365 Capstone class (Current issues in Literary Studies), with the students discussing William Faulkner's novel Absalom, Absalom-lively highlights of in-class discussion.  (Part 1 is 34 minutes and  Part 2 is 47 minutes).

See Part 1

See Part 2


Jane Opitz

"Workshopping Our Writers":

Jane Opitz, CSB/SJU Writing Centers Director, engages in a video interview with SJU senior Kyle Ellingson and Megan Sinner, two of her English student writing tutors (40 minutes).


Mike Opitz

"Thesis Tracks": 

Professor Mike Opitz engages in a pedagogical video interview with two of his thesis students, Kyle Ellingson and Megan Mills-Rittman, on their creative research process and the production of their finished books of fiction (36 minutes).


 Creative Voices:

"The Speed of Sound":

Megan Mill-Rittmann, CSB senior English major/fiction writer (Class of 2010), contributes her short story, "The Speed of Sound," for our subscribers' delight!







 Creative Voices:

"Swallowed Spiders"----

Author Kyle Ellingson, SJU English major/fiction writer (Class of 2010), reads his short story, "Swallowing Spiders," alongside an audio reading of the text by the author. (click Kyle's picture to listen)