Scholarship Recipients

The English Department awarded six scholarships to English majors for the 2006-2007 academic year.

Jessica Ranfranz received the $1,851 S. Kristin Malloy Scholarship. Ranfranz, the daughter of Allan and Patti Ranfranz from Virginia, MN, is a junior. The Sister Kristin Malloy Scholarship is awarded annually to a junior or senior CSB English major with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and an interest in Irish literature. 

Grace Brogan was awarded the $671 Angeline Dufner Scholarship.  The daughter of Michael F. Brogan, Jr., and Karen S. Stanko-Brogan of White Bear Township, MN, Brogan is a senior.  Each year, the Angeline Dufner Scholarship is awarded to a CSB junior or senior English major who has demonstrated academic excellence, superior writing skills, and financial need.

Kelly Smith, a junior, was awarded the $576 Sister Mariella Gable Scholarship.  Smith is the daughter of Mary Lynn and Doug Smith of Lakeville, MN.  The Sister Mariella Gable Scholarship is awarded every year to a CSB junior or senior English major who has demonstrated exceptional ability in the field of English.

Lindy Watanaskul, a senior, received the $409 Margaret Friel Murphy Scholarship.  Watanaskul is the daughter of Jiranya and Don Watanaskul of St. Cloud, MN.  Based on academic performance and need, the Margaret Friel Murphy Scholarship is awarded to English literature majors.  The award is renewable for an additional three years.

Kelly Marie Prosen received the $1,000 S. Nancy Hynes Scholarship.  Prosen, the daughter of Phillip and Barbara Prosen from Big Bend, WI, is a senior.  The Sister Nancy Hynes Scholarship is awarded yearly to a CSB junior or senior English major on the basis of academic excellence and financial need.