May 2012



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Seeing Poetry

Local legend Larry Shug (Poet and CSB Recycling Officer Emeritus) reads from both his new and published body of work. Watch the video.







Caring about Not Caring

New York Times-bestselling author Kathleen Norris engages in a lively conversation with Luke Mancuso (Associate Professor of English) about her new bestseller Acedia and Me:  Monks, A Marriage, and a Writer's Life, in which she reads excerpts from the book and creates anecdotes about the concept of acedia (the inability to care).  Click on her book to the left to listen!  50 minutes.






I Stand Somewhere Waiting for You

A cluster of Tributes to Pat McDarby (English Professor Emeritus), who died recently, after having had a long fruitful 38-year teaching career in the English department, as well as 21 years as a Faculty Resident in the SJU residence halls.  A cluster of written tributes to Pat McDarby, including Janet McNew (Florida State University),  SJU English alum Daniel Glisczinski (University of MN-Duluth). Tributes were also written by a roster of CSB/SJU alums.  Click here to read the tributes from the alums.






Closer Yet I Approach You:
Luke Mancuso
(Associate Professor of English) and J. P. Earls (English Professor Emeritus) read some of our departed Pat MacDarby's favorite poems in Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, along with anecdotal tributes to our beloved comrade:  J.P. Earls reads "Scented Herbage of my Breast," and Luke Mancuso reads "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry," and "Live-Oak with Moss," the prototype of Whitman's poetic "Calamus" cluster, celebrating social bonds between men.  Listen to the podcast.  46 minutes.






Drawing Ethiopia:  Local to Global Mapping:

Steve Thomas (Assistant Professor of English) engages in a conversation with Madhu Mitra (Professor of English) about the cultural work of the Global Ethiopia Conference, held at CSB/SJU in March 2012.  Click on the image to the left to hear the conversation.  39 minutes.

The Global Ethiopia Conference, sponsored by the English Department, Communication Department, CSB Student Development, and the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, attracted over 75 people from around Minnesota. To find out what the conference entailed, please visit  the webpage.  To read Steve's opening remarks and introduction to the conference click here. To read an article that can be found on page 3 of The Record click here





Joy and Passion Galore

English Graduates on the Creative and Critical Pleasures in the English Department:

Four voluble members of the CSB/SJU class of 2012 (Christian Knox, Kate Lutz, Jason Kaiser, and Ted Kain) sit down for a rollicking conversation with Luke Mancuso (Associate Professor of English), about their four-year pathways in the English Department, highlighting several strands of their compelling adventures, and forecasting their post-commencement plans as well.  Listen to the podcast.  63 minutes.







 Hudda Ibrahim (CSB 2012) has published her essay   "Ethiopia: Tragedy We Can Prevent."  Kudos to Hudda for this compelling narrative.






Book Arts Studio:  Make It New:

A video feature which introduces the CSB Book Arts Studio printmaking practices with Rachel Mellis (CSB/SJU Art Department) as our engaging guide, along with her Book Arts students in session. Click on the photo to the left to watch.