December 2012


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No Bullshit in Being Flynn

Internationally celebrated, New York Times-bestselling writer Nick Flynn sits down for a revealing conversation with Luke Mancuso (Associate Professor of English) and Cody Lynch (SJU 2014):  their free-wheeling chat centers on Nick's struggles with the writerly life, readings from his poetry, as well as a behind-the-scenes peek at the Hollywood film set of Being Flynn, starring Robert de Niro and Paul Dano, the recent film adaptation of his memoir, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, which has been called "a nearly perfect work of literature.," by the San Francisco ChronicleAudio feature.  55 minutes.


A Captivating Catalogue of Teacher's Secrets

Sr. Mara Faulkner (Associate Professor of English) engages in a lively conversation with Luke Mancuso (Associate Professor of English) about her nearly four decades of teaching hundreds and hundreds of students here at CSB/SJU.  Sr. Mara is a recipient of the Sr. Mary Grell Teacher of Distinction Award, and unfolds her bewitching deck of pedagogical cards in a candid set of stories and anecdotes about her teacher's craft. Sr. Mara also projects herself forward into the future horizon, in order to imagine her faculty retirement after the Spring Term 2014.  Audio feature.  70 minutes.



Let's Rendez-Vous in the Recording Studio

Angeline Dufner (English Professor Emerita) returns to donate her voice to the chorus of tributes to our departed colleague, Sally Melton (1929-2012), as well as to address her own legendary,decades-long practice of the teacherly craft here at CSB/SJU.  Angie tells her friend and colleague Ozzie Mayers (Professor of English) about her energetic roster of post-retirement engagements here in central Minnesota.  Audio feature.



The Importance of Reading Earnestly:

Cindy Malone (Professor of English) presents a slide show of images, showcasing her lavish book-arts project, based on Laurence Sterne's legendary novel Tristram Shandy, along with an audio commentary, which has led to the publication of  a delectable critical essay, "Writers and Critics at the Dinner Table: Tristram Shandy as Conversation Model," in Issue 23 of the journal Post Road. Click here to read the witty piece:  "It's time for dinner." Visual/Audio feature



A Tale of Two Paths that Diverged in Collegeville:

Two articulate members of the SJU English Class of 2009 (Brandon Drazich and Nik Nadeau) have composed an autobiographical essay, highlighting several strands of their compelling post-commencement adventures, that keep them in related but distinct pathways of alum friendship and aspirations.   Click here to read the lyrical essay about working with publication editors, peace activists, and medical school-qualifying classes and students. 



 A Mouse Click Away:

Mike Opitz (Professor of English) drops his website:  a blend of cultural theory, personal writing, and music with "a little help from his friends" (including CSB/SJU students' work and collaboration with CSB/SJU students).  We invite you to check out Mike's multi-boutique site, and remind you that this website is now sponsored by the CSB/SJU Libraries, and has been underwritten with sabbatical funding, as a showcase for creative faculty work---don't forget to click on the section called Montage.


 The Surplus Pleasure and Value of Contempt

Kevin Windhauser (SJU 2014) on Godard's Confrontational Masterwork Film, Contempt: "The films of Jean-Luc Godard have always been both an interest and an enigma to me, and thus getting to explore them under the tutelage of Luke Mancuso in English 286: Introduction to Film Studies was a wonderful opportunity. After a semester's worth of analyzing Contempt and reading the critical work of Jacques Lacan, I think I've managed to scratch the surface of Godard's complex masterpiece. It's been a pleasure to write, and I certainly hope it's a pleasure to read as well."  Click here to watch the best French movie trailer ever made.  Click here to read Kevin's essay.