December 2011



Department Notepad

Department Notepad: a biannual bulletin of English faculty/staff/student/alum development, events, publications, and activities (click on notepad icon to view).

Seeing Voices

Mike Opitz: Performing Songs and Performance Theory:
Mike Opitz (Professor of English) in a video link performance of his Thursday Faculty Forum music-making, and his theoretical reflections on music performance.Watch video performance. (60 minutes).

Mike Opitz

Christina Shouse Tourino:  An Offer Not to be Refused:
Christina Shouse Tourino (Associate Professor of English) leads a lively video discussion of Mario Puzo's novel, The Godfather, in her "Tragedy, Passion, and Sacrifice" English course. Watch video discussion. (60 minutes).

Reading Voices:

Matt Beck:  "Making Myself Bookable":
Matt Beck (SJU 2009) writes a lively account of his teaching practices as a Fulbright scholar in Nuremberg, Germany (2009-2010).  Read travel essay.

Matt Beck

 Hearing Voices:

Matt Beck:  Shout Out to the Global: 
Matt Beck (SJU 2009) in an audio conversation with Luke Mancuso about his Fulbright Scholar status in Nuremberg, Germany (2009-10), and his passion for globalization theory and politics. Listen to podcast. (60 minutes).

Nuremberg, Germany

Madhu Mitra:  Oscillating between Calcutta and St. Joe: 
Madhu Mitra (Professor of English) an expansive audio conversation with Luke Mancuso about the first CSB/SJU study abroad program in Calcutta, India (Spring 2011). Listen to podcast. (62 minutes).

Allison Horton and Nicole Werner:  Book Arts Minors' Major Passion: 
Allie Horton (CSB 2012) and Nikki Werner (CSB 2012), the two first Book Arts Minors here at CSB/SJU, engage in a lively audio conversation about their passion for book arts with Luke MancusoListen to podcast. (60 minutes).

Book Art

Mara Faulkner:  The Crafty Crucible of the Writing Workshop: 
Mara Faulkner (Associate Professor of English) engages in an audio recording of a writer's workshop, with four of her Creative Writing students, on their works-in-progress. Listen to podcast. (60 minutes).

Sister Mara Faulkner