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Alum Voices

Danielle Johnson graduated from CSB in 2006 and is a librarian at a 4k - 8 school in Oconomowoc, WI.

     She writes, "Shortly after graduation, I moved to Milwaukee, WI and worked full-time as the text and trade book manager at Marquette University while attending the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee's outstanding School of Information Studies to earn my Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS). After interviewing at Stone Bank School in Oconomowoc, WI, I was hired with an emergency license from the Department of Public Instruction so that I could begin my amazing career as a school librarian. I graduated from UWM in December, 2010 with a 4.0 GPA and continue to work at Stone Bank. I love my job! Next school year, in addition to being the school librarian, I will begin a community program opening the school library to community members one day evening each week. I look forward to this new opportunity to interact with the community and show them all the great things we're doing at Stone Bank School. My English degree from CSB gave me an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of literature, writing styles, and teaching styles. As a librarian, it is my goal to be familiar with every type of literature so that I can best serve my students. I value my experience as an undergraduate student with research, informational reading, nonfiction, narratives, classics, contemporary literature, and world literature."

Melissa Hendrickx graduated from CSB in 2009, completed her commitment with Teach For America in 2011, and is going to graduate school at St. Thomas for an MA in English.

     She writes, "I heard about Teach For America from other CSB/SJU students and spoke with a campus recruiter. The critical writing and thinking skills I gained from being an English major helped me tremendously when planning school courses and developing curriculum. Literature courses with a multicultural focus brought my attention to issues I faced when teaching a diverse population."

Maria Capecchi graduated from CSB in 2004 with a degree in English and Theater and is now an English teacher and the head of theater at Rush City High School. After attending CSB, she went on to graduate school, earning a MA in teaching, which allowed her to get her teaching license and Master's Degree in one step.

     She writes, "My English degree at CSB was extremely helpful to me as an English teacher due to its strong, diverse background in literature and writing. The PRAXIS II English content exam had many questions about novels I had, thankfully, read in my coursework at CSB."

Jackie Stevens graduated from CSB in 2006 and currently works as an English teacher in Mora, MN. She teaches 7th Grade English, 9th Grade English, Contemporary Literature (for grades 11 and 12), Poetry (elective for grades 9-12), and Jr. High Reading for Fun (elective for grades 7-8).

     She writes, "I never imagined that I would teach middle school-aged students and senior high students, but I really (surprisingly) enjoy it. In addition to teaching English, I am a member of our district-wide literacy team which looks at aligning our literacy standards K-12. I am a member of our AYP team which attends meetings and plans our district improvement plan for reading since we did not make AYP in reading last year. And finally, I am the English teacher for our credit recovery summer school program."

Clare Nolan graduated from CSB in 2010 and is currently a 7th grade English teacher Glencoe-Silver Lake Middle School. She applied for jobs using the EdPost website.

     She writes, "Since I teach English, just about everything from my English degree is useful! I'm really grateful to all the great professorss who held such engaging classes that I pull from daily when I'm in the classroom."