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Featured Student Project: The Edelbrock Diaries

Luke Muysens, Alex Forster, Ally Horton, Cody Lynch - The Edelbrock Diaries

In Spring 2014, English Minor Luke Muyskens edited and produced his first literary chapbook, The Edelbrook Diaries. In his successful grant application, he wrote:

"This spring, it was announced that the house I live in, Edelbrock, will be torn down this summer. The house, one of the two eco-houses on the St, John's campus, is located in the woods down Fruit Farm Road and has been a source of inspiration and creativity for me and all who have lived here. I hope to commemorate the place with a poetry chapbook. I plan to collect poetry and short prose from current residents of the house, including English students Alex Forster and Cody Lynch, as well as from past residents and members of the larger Edelbrock community... Because the house has a sustainability focus, I'd like to produce the chapbook in a sustainable manner, by commissioning the work through a book artist and alumna of CSB, Ally Horton, encouraging small-scale local arts and sustainable printing practices."

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