Student Profiles

Marissa Deml, Senior

I chose English because I love to read and write, but this major has given me even more than an opportunity to do what I love. In this major, you practice your written and oral communication skills during every class period. You develop the confidence to form your own opinions and learn how to back them with solid evidence. I chose the Creative Writing Concentration because even when you're not writing fiction, using compelling language and generating creative ideas are powerful skills.


Annie Dittberner, Sophmore

I am an English major and Communication minor. I am a member of the CSB basketball team and team representative for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). I am also a sports writer for The Record!

I chose to be an English/Creative Writing major because I wanted to acquire the skills that would most benefit me in my future. As an English major, I have learned how to analyze texts, thoroughly construct clear and concise ideas through writing, and effectively communicate my thoughts through classroom discussion. I also love to write! This major has taught me how to write both creatively and analytically. It is comforting to know that because of my highly versatile degree in English from CSB/SJU, I will be prepared for my future in whatever career path I choose.

My favorite thing about the English Department at CSB/SJU is the faculty. My English professors have always been willing to lend a helpful hand while also challenging my viewpoints and enabling me to grow as a student. They offer constructive feedback, creative thinking and an energetic environment that allows students to enjoy their coursework and develop their minds.

As my interests lie in the journalism field, I hope to be working for a major newspaper or magazine company someday.