Student Profiles

Seniors Kevyn Woods and Gina Meixner discuss Kevyn's upcoming trip to Japan to teach English. .

Annie Dittberner, Junior

I am an English major and Communication minor. I am also a sports writer for The Record!  I chose to be an English/Creative Writing major because I wanted to acquire the skills that would most benefit me in my future. As an English major, I have learned how to analyze texts, thoroughly construct clear and concise ideas through writing, and effectively communicate my thoughts through classroom discussion. I also love to write!   It is comforting to know that because of my highly versatile degree in English from CSB/SJU, I will be prepared for my future in whatever career path I choose.  My English professors have always been willing to lend a helpful hand while also challenging my viewpoints and enabling me to grow as a student. They offer constructive feedback, creative thinking and an energetic environment that allows students to enjoy their coursework and develop their minds.  I hope to be working for a major newspaper or magazine company someday.

Halie Nettleton, Junior

When I first arrived at St. Ben's, I wanted to become a school counselor.  Towards the end of my first semester, I picked up a booklet that listed all the English department classes for the upcoming spring and I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to take many of them with the sociology major I was pursuing. That was when I realized that English was my true passion and I knew I had to change my major.  English Secondary Education is the perfect major for me; it combines my love of reading and writing with the joy of working with children.  I would highly recommend the English Secondary Education major to anyone who has a passion for learning and who wants to see the world in new ways.  Being part of both the English and Education departments is a joy, and the professors of both departments are always willing to go out of their way to help you do your best. The courses cover a variety of topics that are both interesting and practical—I guarantee you will learn a lot!  After graduation I plan to go on to become a high school English teacher and make a difference for the students who will be our future leaders and do everything I can to ensure their own personal achievement. I aspire to be like the St. Ben's graduates who have inspired me!

 Molly Lax, Junior

I have always loved reading and learning, and I have wanted to be a teacher since I was seven years old. As I grew older and continued my schooling, I realized that choosing to follow my dream of being an English teacher would be the best way to merge my passions of reading and learning. I have been inspired by many wonderful teachers, past and present, and look forward to inspiring my future students in the ways that my teachers inspired me. The English and Secondary Education program has given me the groundwork that I will need in my future. By majoring in English, I am able to specialize in the content area that I am teaching, so that I will be able to develop my own knowledge before teaching my students. The faculty here are incredibly knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to help me in any way possible. The small class sizes here enable me to get to know my peers and my professors extremely well. I have countless opportunities to participate in class discussions. Following my graduation, I plan to receive my teaching license from the State of Minnesota and teach English to students in Grades 5-12.