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Alum Voices

Ryan Ziegler graduated from CSB in 2005 and worked in a law firm for a few years, but just recently finished her A.A.S. degree in Judicial Reporting.

     She writes, "I'd always been interested in law, but I didn't want to go to law school. I looked into court reporting, as I hope to find a job in court, but there are lots of opportunities for court reporters outside of court as well. My English degree has helped me immensely through school and will be essential for my job. Understanding and punctuating the English language as spoken is much more difficult than one would think, and I had a definite advantage over other students who didn't have as solid a background in English. Court reporting falls within the legal career pathway, and is a great alternative for people interested in the law but who don't necessarily want to be lawyers."

Victoria Piehowski graduated from CSB in 2009 and volunteered for a legal aid in Chicago. After completing her service year, she accepted a position at a domestic violence organization as their Outreach Legal Advocate where she writes petitions for survivors of domestic violence, informs clients of the rights, and connects them to resources.

     She writes, "A petition for an order of protection requires a clear, pithy, and concise narrative that outlines the history of abuse and demonstrates an urgent need for legal protection. The close reading and critical writing skills I gained while studying English at CSB/SJU enable me to listen to my clients' stories, pick out the relevant details, and write convincing petitions that accurately portray their situations. Additionally, my theoretical basis in feminist literature has helped me to analyze the ways sexist perspectives permeate our judicial system and affect law enforcement. Armed with a feminist outlook, I can better understand the emotional and political barriers my clients face in the courtroom and in the home. This sensitivity makes me a stronger, more creative, and more effective advocate."