Stuart Pease

Stuart Pease - SJU, Class of 2011

I'm in my thirdyear of teaching English at Minnetonka High School. I teach English 9, English 11, and IB Literature & Performance. It's safe to say I've found my passion/life's work here. I also met my fiancé here (also an English teacher!) Needless to say, my English degree from CSB/SJU has been put to good use! My favorite part of my job is passing on the passion for reading and writing to my students that was first cultivated at CSB/SJU. I have to mention Professor Jessica Harkins specifically. She convinced me to switch my major to English and encouraged me to go on to get my Master's degree in Creative Writing. Then, several years later, we bumped into each other at a Publishing conference, and she asked if I was a high school teacher yet. I hadn't really considered it, but a year later I began to look into it and here I am!