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Chris Bolin


Triage Songs, University of Iowa Press, forthcoming 2018


 “Tsunami” in The Colorado Review, Spring 2018
“Manuscript” in Prairie Schooner, Spring 2018
“Immersion Data” in Anomaly, Issue 25
“January Studies” in North American Review, Summer2016 
“Badlands II” and “Litany” in Hyperallergic, Fall 2015
“Coastal Data” and “Earthbound” in Conduit, Summer 2015
“Equation for Cresting” on Verse Daily(versedaily.org), Fall 2013


“Hypotheses about Unknowing:  How Writing Poetry Can Aid Clinical Craft” in Ars Medica, Fall 2014

Chris Bolin interviewed by Rob McClennan  Read interview
Chris Bolin interviewed by Star Tribune Read interview
ENGL2011 Partnership (video)

Mathew Callahan

"Eden," short story, The State We Are In, an anthology of writing commemorating Minnesota’s Sesquicentennial, Summer 2010
"Fall on Fishdance," creative nonfiction, Boundary Waters Journal, Fall 2001 "Turtle Soup," short story, Rosebud, Winter 1997
"A Cow's Life,” short story, Folio, Winter 1996
"Sea of Salmon," creative nonfiction, The Anchorage Daily News (Outdoor Sunday Edition) July 1994
"Teen Pregnancy in Alaska: Redefining the Problem", academic article for the Social Science textbook, Society: An Alaskan Perspective, Kendall/Hunt Publishing, Dubuque, IA, 1994
"Nesting," short story, Siren (an arts and entertainment magazine out of Houston, Texas) Spring 1993
"Fishdance Lake" creative nonfiction, Boundary Waters Journal, Winter 1991
A series of book reviews for the Anchorage Daily News

Writing Essays Panel (video) 

Jessica Harkins


Aldrich Press – Kelsay BooksThe Paled Guest, January 2018


Poeti tra mondi: “l’uso di una lingua diversa dalla propria come prospettiva d’apertura all’altro” (“Poets Between Worlds: multi-lingual poetry as an open invitation to the ‘Other’”) published in Il dovere dell’ospitalità, edited by Carmello Vigna (collana: Ethica (XLII): 2018). 

Headwaters, 2017 Issue ‘From Intention to Action: Building an Inclusive Community,’ “Discussing Difficult Topics – Drawing on Circles and the Philosophy of Circles,” March 2018.   Co-authored with Julie Lynch and Brandyn Woodard  

Chaucer Review, “Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale and Boccaccio’s Decameron 10.10,” The Chaucer Review Spring 2013


Chaucer’s Decameron and the Origin of the Canterbury Tales: Chaucer Studies, by Frederick M. Biggs (Woodridge, D.S. Brewer, 2017. 275 pp.) published in English Studies Vol 100, Issue 6, Fall 2019.

Re-Thinking Medieval Translation’ Ethics, Politics, Theory, Edited by Emma Campbell and Robert Mills (2012: D. S. Brewer).  Book review for The Medieval Review.


Cimarron Review, Winter, Spring, Summer 2019: “What calls you, what follows”
Matter: A Journal of Political Poetry and Commentary, Issue 25, March 2019: ‘The Missing’  (currently nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize)
Copper Nickel Issue 28, Spring 2018: ‘Europe’
The Adirondack Review Fall 2013: “Pictures from Prague” & “In Claro” 
Stand (UK) Vol. 11 (3) Issue 199, April 2013: “Thawing” & “The Run”                     
Emerge Literary Journal, Issue Four, October 2012: “Beside the Sea”
Third Wednesday Review, Summer 2012: “The Masters”                                                       
Lingerpost Issue #4, Summer 2012: “Sisters”, “Nocturne”, & “I dream to find you”
The Comstock Review, 24.1, Spring/Summer 2010: ‘The Wooden Horse’
White Whale Review, Issue 2.2, Summer 2010:  ‘Diptych’
Drunken Boat: #10, Summer 2009: ‘Households,’ ‘The River’ 
ARS Interpres, Issue 8-9, September 2007: ‘Wind-houses’ 
Redactions, Issue 8/9, 2007: ‘Letter IV: Criseyde’
Agenda (U. K.), Broadsheet 6, 2006: ‘November,’ ‘Elegy’
Stand (U.K.), Vol. 4 & 5, 2003: ‘The Stallion’
Baybury Review, Vol. 5, 2001: ‘Lovers,’ ‘The Pianist’
Estero, Vol. 3, No. 1, 1996: ‘Dream of the Valley I Left’


Versodove Rivista di Letteratura, December 3, 2019: ‘La rimozione del conflitto: four unedited poems by Andrea de Alberti’
Exchanges Literary Journal, April 2017: seven poems by Rossano Pestarino
Salt Magazine, Issue One, Fall 2007: sonnets of Gaspara Stampa 
ARS Interpres, Issue 8-9, September 2007: sonnets of Gaspara Stampa     
, Vol. 42, Spring 2007: sonnets of Gaspara Stampa
Forum Italicum, Vol. 31, No. 2, 1997: sonnets of Gaspara Stampa

Matthew Harkins

Elizabeth Johnson-Miller

John Kendall

Cindy Malone

"Multisensory Tristram Shandy,” CounterText 2:3 (December 2016): 356-373. Read here. 
"Noses in Books: Orientation, Immersion, and Paratext," Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 40:1 (March 2015). Read here. 
"Writers and Critics at the DInner Table: Tristram Shandy as Conversational Model," Post Road Magazine 23 (Fall 2012). Web. http://www.postroadmag.com/23/criticism/malone.phtml
“Honey and Bread,” Ars Medica 9:1 (Fall 2012) 75-80. 
“Wait Six Months,” Hospital Drive: Words, Sounds, Images, Summer, 2011.
“Recent Dickens Studies—2008,” Dickens Studies Annual, Volume 40 (2009).
“The Futures of Books: Technologies and Forms,” The International Journal of the Book, Volume 6, Issue 1, 2009.
“How to Get Greener Books,” Chronicle of Higher Education, April 11, 2008.
“Imagining the Past: Sophie Collins,” Headwaters, 2008.
“Near Confinement: Representations of Pregnancy in 18th- and 19th-Century British Fiction,” Dickens Studies Annual, Volume 23 (2000).
“Quickening,” Sing Heavenly Muse! (Fall, 1997), 105-114.
"Assessing the English Major:  A Case Study," with Janet McNew, ADE Bulletin, 107 (Spring, 1994), 28-30.
"Dialogue in Edmund Gosse's Father and Son," a/b:  Auto/Biography Studies, 8.1 (Spring, 1993), 16-32.
"Framing in Hamlet," College Literature 18.1 (February, 1991), 50-63.
"'Flight' and 'Pursuit':  Fugitive Identity in Bleak House," Dickens Studies Annual:  Essays in Victorian Fiction 19 (1990), 107-124.
"The Fixed Eye and the Rolling Eye:  Surveillance and Discipline in Hard Times," Studies in the Novel 21 (Spring, 1989), 14-26.
"Voices of the Ages:  The Editor and His Texts in Past and Present," Carlyle Annual 10 (Spring, 1989), 41-49.
Book Arts (video)

Luke Mancuso


Mancuso, Luke. The Strange  Sad War Revolving: Walt Whitman, Reconstruction, and the Emergence of Black Citizenship. Columbia, SC: Camden House Press, 1997. http://www.amazon.com/Strange-Sad-War-Revolving-Reconstruction/dp/1571131256/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1294503082&sr=1-1


Ceniza, Sherry. Review of Luke Mancuso, The Strange Sad War Revolving: Walt Whitman, Reconstruction, and the Emergence of Black Citizenship. American Studies 40 (Spring 1999), 140—41.
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Unsigned. Brief review of Luke Mancuso, The Strange Sad War Revolving: Walt Whitman, Reconstruction, and the Emergence of Black Citizenship. American Literature:69 (December 1997), 876.
Unsigned. Brief Review of Luke Mancuso, The Strange Sad War Revolving: Walt Whitman, Reconstruction, and the Emergence of Black Citizenship. Nineteenth CenturyLiterature: 52 (March 1998) 555.


Mancuso, Luke. “The Orestes Brownson—Virgil Michel Connections.” Symposium Journal   (6)  Spring 1988:  29—44.
Mancuso, Luke. “The Monastery and the World: A Consideration of Hospitality.” Review for Religious  48: 2 (March—April 1989):  283—90.
Mancuso, Luke. “A Consideration of the Orestes  Brownson—Virgil Michel Connections.” American Benedictine Review  40:3 (Sept 1989):  274—90.
Mancuso, Luke. “‘Chanting the Square Deific’: Walt Whitman Confronts Structural Evil in Post—War America.”  Symposium Journal  (8) 1990: 15—33.
Mancuso, Luke. “‘Reconstruction is still in Abeyance’: Walt Whitman’s Democratic Vistas and the Federalizing of National Identity.” ATQ: Journal of 19t-century American Culture and Literature. 8:3 (Sept 1994): 229—250.
Mancuso, Luke. “Keep a Steady Course:  Dessa Rose Resists But Maintains the Interracial Equilibrium. Symposium Journal (SJU Press) (13) 1995: 1—14.
Mancuso, Luke.  “’I should have been too glad—I see—‘:  Emily Dickinson’s Ironic Dismissal of the Puritan Code,” Symposium Journal  (19) Spring 2002: 88-93.
Mancuso, Luke. “Cultural Context:  Civil War.” The Routledge Companion to Walt Whitman. Ed. Donald Kummings. 290-310.  New York & London.  (Blackwell Press, 2006). http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-1405120932,descCd-description.html
Mancuso, Luke. “Brokeback Mountain and the History of the Future of the Normal.”  Ed. Joanna  Juett. Coming Out to the Mainstream: Queer Cinema in the 21st Century. 91-121 Cambridge S P, 2011. http://www.cambridgescholars.com/coming-out-to-the-mainstream-16


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Mancuso, Luke. “Leaves of Grass (1871—1872 edition).” Walt Whitman EncyclopediaEds. Donald  Kummings &  J. R. LeMaster. (Garland Press, 1998) 368-372. http://www.whitmanarchive.org/criticism/current/encyclopedia/entry_25.html
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Mancuso, Luke. “Sequel to Drum—Taps (1866).” Walt Whitman Encyclopedia.  Eds. Donald Kummings  &  J. R.  LeMaster.  (Garland Press, 1998) 627-28.


Mancuso, Luke.  Review of Comer, Keith. Strange Meetings: Walt Whitman, Wilfred Owen, and Poetry of War.   Lund University Press, 1996, in Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 15:4 (Winter 1998) 99—102.
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Mancuso, Luke.  Manuscript Editor, Iowa Whitman Series:  Martin Buinicki:  Walt Whitman and Reconstruction (2011), University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, IA, Fall 2010.  http://www.uiowapress.org/books/2011-fall/walt-whitman%E2%80%99s-reconstruction.htm

Rachel Marston


“Home Means Nevada.” Sou’wester. Forthcoming Summer 2018. Print. Read here. 
“The Shape of the Day.” Red Earth Review. Forthcoming 2018. Print. Read here. 
“Second Skin.” Black Candies: Gross and Unlikeable (Women. Horror.) So Say We All Press, November 2016. Print.
“It Was a Pleasure Then.” Black Candies: Gross and Unlikeable (Women. Horror.) So Say We All Press, November 2016. Print.
“Emma Willard School, Troy, N.Y.”  Dispatches from Abandoned Architecture. Altered postcard and story. A Bad Penny Review and OPO Books, March 2014. Print.
“The Birth of the Atomic Age.” Shimmer, Issue 18, February 2014. Print.
“A Feeling of Home.” Event, 42.1, April 2013. Print.
“How to Speak to God.” American Fiction, Volume 12: The Best Previously Unpublished Short Stories by Emerging Authors. September 2012. Print.
“Down the Rabbit Hole.” Sidebrow, 9 April 2012, post-hole and mother, i. Web.
“Polaroids from Heaven.” Puerto del Sol, Volume 46: 1& 2, Summer 2011. Print.
“The Color of Spring.” the Denver syntax, Issue 19, Winter 2010. Web.
“Dick Cheney Paid Me to Hold His Hand!” Barrelhouse, Issue 6, 2008. Print.
“In Season.” Versal, Issue 6, 2008. Print.
“A Necromancer’s Guide to Child Rearing.” The Massachusetts Review, Volume 47, Issue 4, Winter 2006. Print.


“Our Nuclear Age.” The Collagist, Issue 42, January 2013. Web.
“Nevada: A Novelist Tours a Nuclear Testing Site.” Religion & Politics. 8 Oct 2012. Web.
“The Signal for Instant Action.” DIAGRAM, Issue 11:1, March 2011. Web. 
“The Fields of Collias.” Train Tracts Project, August 2008. Limited edition artist-book.


“Proximal longing: Motherlunge.” Motherlunge by Kristin Scott. Quarterly West, Issue 81, January 2014. Web.
A Fish Trapped Inside the Wind by Christien Gholson. Quarterly West, Issue 73, Winter 2011. Web.

Madhu Mitra

Mike Opitz

Performance (video) 

Yvette Piggush

Rev. of Against Self-Reliance: The Arts of Dependence in the Early United States, by William Huntting Howell, Modern Philology 114.1 (August 2016): E39-E41.

Christina Tourino


“The Leisured Testes: White Ball-Breaking as Surplus Masculinity in Jackass.”  Journal of Popular Culture, 48 (4) 2015: 691-702. Read here.
“Anxieties of Impotence: Cuban Americans in NYC.”  Comparative Cultural Studies and Latin America thematic issue of Comparative Literature and Culture. Eds. Fitz, Earl E. and Sophia McClennen. West Lafayette, IN: PurdueUniversity Press, 2004.
Ethnic Reproduction and the Amniotic Deep: Joy Kogawa’s Obasan.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies. 24:1 (2003): 134-153.


Rediscovering the New World: Inter-American Literature in a Comparative Context, Earl E. Fitz, American Literature, Spring 1991.


“Camille Paglia,” Women in Today’s World, Encyclopedia published by SAGE, 2011.


Mental Engineering.  Panelist, Public Television. The only media literacy series to reach a national audience; panelists include comedians and satirists Sam Simon (The Simpsons), Lizz Winstead (The Daily Show), Al Franken, Merrill Markoe (Late Night with David Letterman), Paula Poundstone, Greg Proops, Paul Provenza, Louis C.K, and Andy Kindler. Panelist on:
     Episode 1008.  15 April 2007.
     Episode 1007.  8 April 2007.
     Episode 901.  26 Nov 2006.
     Episode 813.  9 Nov 2006.
     Episode 712.  13 Aug 2006.
     Episode 705.  25 June 2006.
     Episode 611.  7 May 2006.
     Episode 610.   30 Apr 2006.
     Episode 512.  12 Feb 2006
     Episode 511.  5 Feb 2006.
     Episodes 311, 312, 404, 405, 408, 409.  2005.


“El Paso-Ciudad Juárez: On Seeing the Border.”  Headwaters: A CSB/SJU Faculty Journal.  22 (2005): 87-103.
“Philandering Fathers and Other Jackasses,” Gender Learning Community, Fall 2004.


Discussion (video)