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Are you a English grad and have an update for us? Use the link below! We would love to hear what you have been up to and cannot wait to see what you have been doing after college. 

English Grad Update

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Graduate Profiles 

Sam Johnson '19

"The English department at SJU taught me to think critically about issues in my ever day life. It challenged me to listen first, ask questions, and always value the power of effective writing."

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Sydney Robinson '19

"There’s something powerful of turning your feelings to thoughts in a way that is healing. These classes will help you learn the basic/academic part of writing but will give you steppingstones to developing your own voice in whatever medium you use." 

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Grace Bandel '19

"Overall, the English Department helped me to feel confident in writing critically and boldly. . Perspectives through various texts and my classmates’ voices also helped me to learn how to often decentralize my own voice in appreciation of the perspectives of others."

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  Luke Muyskens '14

"My favorite English class was a film studies course I took with Luke Mancuso. I already loved film, but that class taught me how it works. As a matter of fact, I liked it so much I signed up two semesters in a row—pissing off my advisor in the process." 

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   Maggie Sullivan '14

My English Department education "gave me the resources needed and an eye for detail. It also helped me get into grad school! " 

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   Brita Thielen '11

"My scholarly research keeps coming back to questions of identity—how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how writing contributes to both. Postcolonial Literature was one of the first times I was exposed to works and class conversations that dealt explicitly with these topics." 

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   Stuart Pease '11

"My English education at CSB/SJU started the fire of passion I have for reading and writing. My
time there is responsible for everything that has happened since, and I’m eternally grateful for it." 

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Graduate Bios

Farrad Williams '20 

Farrad currently works as a Programmatic Analyst for Haworth Marketing + Media.

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James Heidelberger '20 

James is a Squad Lead Tester working with the Emu Team for Activision.

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Kayla Porter '19

Kyla spent six months teaching in Gap, France as part of the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF).  

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Sam Johnson '19

Sam is currently completing his Master's in Sport Management through the University of Kansas online, as well as working full-time as an event operations coordinator at Prep Network. 

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   Sydney Robinson '19

Sydney is currently working as a Intercultural and International Student Services at CSB/SJU. 

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Jack Wozniak '19

Jack is currently working in Public relations and the communications field.

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Mike Reilly '19

Mike will be serving in Tororo, Uganda with the Benedictine Volunteer Corps of Saint John's Abbey.    

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Sara Kohl '19

Sara is currently attending Divine Mercy University for a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

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Sela Weber '19

Marisela will be teaching English India as an ETA as a Fulbright fellow.

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Maddie Krumel '19

Maddie is currently studying English literature at Syracuse University in New York.

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Luke Olley '19

Luke is currently teaching 9th and 10th grade English classes at Holy Family Catholic High School in Victoria, Minnesota.

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Grace Bandel '19

Grace is currently pursuing her Masters in Educational Leadership while also teaching High School English in Milwaukee.

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Jamie McCarthy '18

Jamie McCarthy ('18) was accepted and started Law School on a full scholarships Fall 2020!

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Brie Baumert '18 

Brie has recently has been accepted to the Library and Information Science master’s program at Syracuse University with a scholarship.

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Ryan McCanna '18

Ryan currently works in Eagan, MN, as a Content Writer at FindLaw, a business of Thomson Reuters that provides online legal information and online marketing services for law firms.

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Gabe Kwan '18

Gabe is currently working as a Gary Eichten Fellow at Minnesota Public Radio.

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Tasha Stubeda '18

Tasha is an English teacher at Litchfield High School. 

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Rita Gangl '18

Rita is a middle school language arts teacher at Hennipen Middle School in Minneapolis.

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Drew Coulombe '18

Drew is currently working as a social media coordinator and copywriter for a marketing firm here in Minnesota, aptly named Skol Marketing.

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Kyle Munshower '18

Kyle is working at  a year long position with the Benedictine Volunteer Corps through the Saint John's Abbey. He'll be living and working in Rome, Italy at Collegio Sant'Anselmo. 

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Daniel McKeehan '18 

Daniel is currently teaching 7th grade English Language Arts at North View Middle School in the Osseo school district.

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Kaitlin Hiedelberger '17

Kaitlin working as an English teaching assistant in Caen (Normandy) with the TAPIF program in France. 

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Hanah Salto '17

Hannah is currently working at Rutger's Business College in Newark, NJ.

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Ben Gooley '16

Ben is currently in Santiago, Chile working as a volunteer with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

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Anne Gathje '16

Anne is working as an application developer at Securian Financial in St. Paul, MN. 

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Maggie Sullivan '14

Maggie is currently working as a librarian at The St. Paul Public Library, Merriam Park Branch.

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Luke Muyskens '14

Luke is currently working on several television pilots and seeking representation for his television writing.

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Hannah Dolan '13

Following graduation, Hannah was hired to work in the Stearns County Attorney's Office working directly for the elected official as the Special Assistant to the County Attorney.

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Emily Gasperlin '13

Emily works in an Employer Relations role in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota.

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Amy Vander Heiden '12

Amy is currently teaching Grade 10 and 11 English in Melrose, MN.

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Brita Thielen '11

Brita is  currently a PhD Candidate in English at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, where I teach undergraduate writing and conduct research at the intersections of rhetoric, identity, and food writing.

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Maggie Neibur '11

Maggie was accepted to the Masters in Teaching Program at Hamline University for Fall 2014.

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Stuart Pease '11

Stuart teaches English 9, English 11, and IB Literature & Performance at Minnetonka High School. 

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Jolene Brink '09

Jolene is currently working as a freelance writer. 

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Ashle Briggs Horton '06

Ashle is a full time freelance writer and editor.

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Elizabeth Dingmann'06

Elizabeth currently works in the publishing industry as a Project Manager for Augsburg Fortress Publishers and as a freelance editor.

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Stephanie Frerich '02

Stephanie is the Senior Editor at Penguin Random House.

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Dan Jost '95

Dan has recently opened his own barber shop, Man Cave Barber Co., located  in Chanhassen Minnesota!

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