Zoe Huot-Link '21

Where do you call home?

Maplewood, Minnesota

What are you major(s)/minor(s)?

Art Major and English Writing Minor

Why did you decide to minor in the English Department?

I am Art major and an English Writing minor. I started out in undergraduate pursuing a double major in Art and English, however, only to switch things up so I could fit in E-Scholars later on. I loved all my English classes, feeling that they were some of my primary inspiration for my art.

What has been your favorite English Department class? Why?

My favorite English Department class was Shakespeare, because of how dedicated I felt to each essay I wrote. Every theme and idea resonated deeply. I kept my manifesto with me at all times, it was like my bible. There were scribbles and post-it notes and flags all over the book.

What advise do you have for other English students?

Take as many advanced classes as you can as an underclassman. As you progress through your years you will have more real-world problems and less dedication to classes. I took Shakespeare as a freshman with wide eyes and an eager heart and it was one of the best decisions I made to fuel my passion in my undergraduate years.