Grace Lapp '23

Where do you call home?

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

What are you major(s)/minor(s)?

English and Hispanic Studies double major

Why did you decide to major in the English Department?

I chose to major in English because of my love to read and write. At CSBSJU, my English professors have helped me develop my critical thinking and creativity. These are both important skills that go beyond the classroom.

What has been your favorite English Department class? Why?

I would have to say either Creative Nonfiction (ENGL 311) or the Film Studies electives (ENGL 286/386).

What are you looking forward to as a student in the English Department?

I look forward to writing about my experiences as I travel across Europe in the Spain program and the Italy Creative Writing program. 

What advice do you have for other English students?

I always hear things like "English majors don't make a lot of money" or "You won't find a good job". Money does not equate to happiness nor a "good" job. Don't listen to those people. Do what makes you happy.