Maggie Niebur


The source of gravity that has always pulled me toward the world of literature is a love of characters. A fascination with the uniquness of people, real and imagined - this is what has directed my path. This is how I chose to be an English major and what I appreciated most about my experience in the program of St. Ben's. I was always surrounded by an inspired group of classmates and professors that made reading a text an experience. After graduation, I craved adventure and new people. I traveled to Chipole, Tanzania where I served as a volunteer for the Benedictine Women's Service Corps. There, I cooked, sewed, cleaned, translated, farmed, taught English classes, and helped at the orphanage. In eight months in Tanzania, I met and befriended enough characters to fill a thousand books. I also found new energy and inspiration for my own writing. After I returned, I applied this interest in people to students as I navigated my place in the world of education. Currently, I am an Associate Educator for Minneapolis Pulic Schools and in the application process for graduate school to teach English Language Arts. I aspire to create a classroom like those that I was in as a student. I hope to one day have students who develop a passion for learning so expansive that it cannot be contained to books and fiction, but moves them to seek real world adventure and experiences. But also, to always bring a book.

Maggie Niebur was accepted to the Masters in Teaching Program at Hamline University for Fall 2014.