Hannah Dolan


I graduated from CSB/SJU in 2013 with a double major in English and Political Science. Following graduation, I was hired to work in the Stearns County Attorney's Office working directly for the elected official as the Special Assistant to the County Attorney. My duties include management of the office's space, the office's $6 million budget, coordinating training requirements and expenses, scheduling, drafting and distributing press releases, event planning, and assisting the County Attorney with creating brochures, handouts, and presentations. I accompanied her on the annual lobbying trip to Washington D.C. in February 2014, participating in all meetings with members of Congress.

The skills I learned as an English major help in my day to day communication with other professionals in face to face conversations, phone conversations, emails, and in group meetings. The detailed nature of my administrative work makes it imperative that I communicate complex situations clearly to my coworkers. The English major has also taught me how to evaluate situations in order to make good decisions. The job requires constant problem solving; the English major taught me how to explore all options, think creatively, and communicate the problem clearly to others so we can fix it together.