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 Andrea Gomez '20

 Andrea has recently finished the first draft of a novel! She has also started working with an organization   called Novelly. Novelly is an ed-tech nonprofit on a mission to social engagement and conversations on   issues the youth care about. Andrea will be a mentor to students and aid them in their writing process as well   as teach them how to put their work online for others to see.

 James Heidelberger '20

 His 'Call of Duty' sent him to the video gaming industry. Read here.

Zoe Huot-Link '21, 2020 Minnesota Street Summer Creative Writing Fellow

Zoe has been busy publishing her work, including one of the poems she read at the Manitou fellowship this summer, Temptress. This poem as well as her essay  Words From No-Man's Land is also being published along with another of her poems written in 2019, called  Reflection. Both poems have been published in  For Women Who Roarhttps://www.forwomenwhoroar.com/poetry/2020/9/17/reflection-temptress.     

Zoe also has artwork, Justice for George Floyd which was published in a book called, Resistance, by  Writing for Peace. 

Ray Mulvey '21 on Writing Internship

Writing intern, Ray Mulvey, creates virtual firearms history exhibit at museum in Little Falls, MN.

 Lindsey Schaffer - Manitou Fellow

Lindsey Schaffer, 2020 Minnesota Street Summer Creative Writing Fellow, shares her work with CSBSJU. She notes, As fellows, we took part in many exciting opportunities including virtual visits with editors from Grey Wolf and Coffee House Press. The experience culminated in a portfolio of 30 pages showcasing writing from each genre and a reading presented by The Literary Arts Institute. As a result of this opportunity and my Writing Essays course with Matt Callahan, my essay was accepted for publication through the online magazine Chronically Lit. I am grateful for these opportunities as they have allowed me to develop my practice and find success when submitting to a variety of publications.