Jennifer Schei

Major: Physics/Engineering

“The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it.”


Jennifer Schei knows something about difficulty. As a physics major studying to become an engineer, she faces scientific thinking at its highest level. “I think that physics gives me an excellent preparation for engineering because it teaches me how to …think about a problem and how to understand a problem mathematically as well as intuitively,” says Schei.

Academic achievement has become a balancing act for this physics major. On the one hand, the expectations are high when you are studying in this particular discipline. On the other hand, the professors are very helpful and very accessible when students need help. In fact, she says, they rather expect students to come to them with questions.

Through the Career Resource Center, Jennifer had an opportunity to job-shadow a civil engineer during winter break. She learned that engineers use their knowledge of physics and science, but they also present during meetings and write proposals. “I am glad I am attending a liberal arts college,” says Schei. “I feel that I am getting a well-rounded education.”

If it seems like an engineering student would be spending all her time in the lab, think again. Jennifer is also a member of the orchestra, the choir and takes private viola lessons. She volunteered with campus ministry and attended an alternative spring break program working in a daycare facility for underprivileged children and spent a semester abroad in Australia.