Professional Career

A copy of Ed's resume from 1984.  This document that details most of Ed's numerous professional accomplishments.  (7/3, Box 8:07)

A syllabus from Ed's History of Political Thought class that he taught at St. Michael's.   (7/2, Box 3:10)

"An Introduction to the Political Science Department at St. Michael's College."  This document that shows the workings behind a political science department in the 1970's/1980's.   (7/2, Box 3:25)

Some pieces of literature from Ed's mayoral runs.  (7/3, Boxes 8:04 and 8:05)

A telegram from the White House inviting Ed to meet with the president to discuss foreign and domestic affairs.  (7/3, Box 8:12)

A mid-term exam from Ed's Public Administration course.   (7/2, Box 3:30)

A syllabus from the Public Administration class Ed taught at St. Michael's  (7/2, Box 3:29)

Ed's teaching contract with Saint John's from the 1950s.  (7/3, Box 8:14)

A later contract with SJU from the 1970s.   (7/3, Box 8:10)

The letter and contract confirming Ed's appointment as president of St. Mary's.  (7/3, Box 8:10)