Student Teaching

Student Teaching normally takes place in either the eighth or ninth semester. It includes full time, off-campus assignments in cooperating public or parochial schools within a reasonable radius from the college. Ordinarily student teaching is completed as follows:

  1. Elementary Education K-6 (16 credits)
  2. Elementary Education K-6 with an endorsement in 5-8 Science, 5-8 Communication Arts and Literature, 5-8 Mathematics or K-8 French, German or Spanish (16 credits)
  3. Art K-12, Music K-12, World Languages K-12 (French, German Spanish): 16 credits
  4. Double majors (e.g. Math and English): 16 credits (Students with these majors will be required to complete a 20 week student teaching experience)
  5. Double majors with elementary and a 5-12 or K-12 area: 16 credits (Students with these majors will be required to complete a 20 week student teaching experience)
  6. Art K-12, Music K-12 or World Languages K-12 and another major: 16 credits (Students with these majors will be required to complete a 20 week student teaching experience)
  7. One 5-12 area only (e.g. English 5-12): 16 credits

Any exception to these requirements will be handled on an individual basis. These requests (stating reasons) must be made in writing at the time of the meetings with the supervisors, the semester before the student teaching experience.


Before being allowed to participate in a student teaching experience, students must have successfully completed all Education courses and requirements as well as all endorsement or major courses.


  1. Placements are made by the Director of Student Teaching in one of the schools on the list of approved schools.
  2. Students who wish to participate in intercollegiate sports and other extracurricular campus activities during their student teaching must make a formal request to the Director of Student Teachers. Requests will be considered on an individual basis.
  3. Students are discouraged from being employed during their semester of student teaching.
  4. Students are in charge of arranging their own housing and transportation during their student teaching experience. If students pre-plan housing, they run the risk of having to travel a long distance.

Criminal Background Checks

All student teachers are required to complete a criminal background check through the Education Department Background Check process. Forms for this process will be distributed to students prior to placement for student teaching. The procedure will be facilitated by the Chair of the Education Department and the Administrative Assistant. Some districts require their own background check process. In those cases, no further background checks will be conducted by the CSB/SJU Education Department.

*The Director of Elementary Student Teachers and Director of 5-12/K-12Student Teachers take care of ALL arrangements regarding school placements for student teaching.


The behavioral indicators which verify that the outcomes have been met by students completing the CSB/SJU Education Program are as follows:

  1. Video tape of a lesson - 30 minutes in length
    • lesson plan
    • classroom teacher's critique
    • teacher intern's critique
  2. Responses to guide questions (after each 8 week experience)
  3. One unit on the intermediate level
  4. A parent project
  5. Classroom teachers' evaluations
  6. College supervisor's observations
  7. Paper: How have you met the exit outcomes identified in the conceptual model, "Teacher as a Decision-Maker?"

**A Portfolio will be assembled containing the above items.