Notes to Advisors and Students

  1. All students applying to the Elementary Education major or 5-12 or K-12 Education minor must have successfully completed the departmental writing assessment. This assessment is completed in EDUC 111 and consists of a Writing Assessment Portfolio. The passing score required is 24 out of 30 possible points.  If the student achieves less than 24/30, the completion of a formal writing course (ACSC 115 or its equivalent) with a grade of BC or above will be required.
  2. A Portfolio for application is submitted to the Chairperson of the Education Department, through the Education Department secretary, in the sophomore year. This application is made during the semester that the student is enrolled in EDUC 310 Educational Psychology. A formal interview with the appropriate Director of Student Teachers or the Department Chair is required.
  3. No sophomore will be admitted to the upper division professional education courses until all admission criteria are fulfilled and the student is formally accepted.
  4. The MN Board of Teaching mandates that all students in the State of MN must have taken the MTLE Basic Skills exams before being allowed to register for any upper division (300-level) Education courses.
  5. Elementary Education majors should take MATH 121 Fundamentals of Math in either the first or second year. The departmental policy for math proficiency for Elementary Education majors is as follows:
  6. Chemical Use and Abuse, Human Relations, passing scores on the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Basic Skills exams (MTLE) as well as content and pedagogy tests (MTLE) are required for a teaching license in Minnesota.
  7. Check with the Education Department secretary to make sure that all requirements are understood.