A teacher's license may be issued to an applicant holding a degree from the College of Education of the University of Minnesota, Duluth and Morris, a Minnesota State University, or a private Liberal Arts College, upon completion of an approved program in elementary education K-6 only, a program in elementary education K-6 with a 5-8 endorsement in Communication Arts and Literature, Science, or Mathematics, or a K-8 endorsement in French, German or Spanish, or an approved program in grades 5-12, or K-12.  The college must be an accredited teacher preparing institution and must be approved for teacher education by the Minnesota Board of Teaching.

To receive a teacher's license for certain majors, with a 5-12 or K-12 minor, you are required to obtain a certain number and sequence of courses.   It is imperative for you to check with the Education Department to make certain you are meeting those State requirements.  The State of Minnesota Board of Teaching also requires exams in content and pedagogy prior to licensure.

Each teacher candidate must apply for licensure to the Minnesota Department of Education through the CSB/SJU Education Department at the completion of the teaching internship. Applications are begun with the Department of Education online process and completed by the CSB/SJU Education Department Administrative Assistant and Department Chair. A fee of $99.15 is assessed by the State through the online process by Visa or Mastercard. The State also requires fingerprints for the purpose of conducting a Criminal Background Check on each licensure applicant.

Students wishing to be licensed in a state other than Minnesota should log on to the website for the Department of Education of that state to review the requirements. Each state determines licensure requirements individually, so additional coursework may be necessary for licensure in another state.

NOTE: Anyone who has been convicted of a crime (e.g. shoplifting, supplying alcohol to minors, sexual or physical abuse, etc.) must submit court and sentence information to the State Personnel Licensing Section along with their application.  In such cases, the State may choose to deny a teaching license. A license may also be denied because of the results of the criminal background check. Licensure requirements for all fifty states can be found at