Identification of Concerns/Student Performance Improvement Plan

If, at any time during the student's program, a member of the Education Department faculty believes that a particular student is not meeting one or more of the Education Department Teacher Education Standards, or has concern about a student's ability to successfully complete the Teacher Education Program, the faculty member may file a "Student Performance Improvement Plan" form with the Education Department Chair. Under these circumstances, the following procedure is used.

A "Student Performance Improvement Plan" form is completed by the faculty member and submitted to the Department Chair.

  • The student is notified that a concern has been identified.
  • The chair and faculty member can determine whether this concern warrants a meeting between the student and faculty member, or the student, faculty member and chair, or just a warning notice.
    • The student has a right to meet with the faculty member and/or chair to discuss the concern and create a plan for change/improvement if warranted.  If so, this improvement plan will be given to the faculty member and also placed in the file with the concern notification.

Revised 9/27/10