Education Club: Pre-Professional On-Campus Organization

The Education Club is the professional association for college and university students preparing for a career as an educator.

The Education Club at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University holds meetings once a month.  These meetings are open to everyone and include speakers, panels, information about current events or changes in the field of education, and opportunities for involvement.   Topics of interest and concern to the students are addressed in the meetings, and members may also attend special workshops, conventions, and conferences through the Education Minnesota Student Program (EMSP).

Members of Education Minnesota Student Program also may participate in State and national events of the student organization.  Members may also attend conventions and conferences, and may participate in both local and State activities.

There are many advantages to becoming a member of the Education Club with membership in the Education Minnesota Student Program.  It is a professional organization which gives students a chance to become actively involved in and informed about new trends in the teaching profession. Student members receive subscriptions to the organization's publications. Upon paying the membership dues, students are covered by liability insurance during classroom field experiences, which is required by Minnesota State law.  Also, the Education Club meetings allow for interaction with other students for the purpose of sharing common interests and concerns, both professionally and socially.

The Education Club serves the students in many ways; early involvement offers greater opportunities to participate in programs and to utilize services.

Allison Spenader and Shannon Essler-Petty, Faculty Advisors