Departmental Probation

A student who has been fully accepted into a teacher education program of the Education Department, and who fails to maintain Education Department standards will be placed on departmental probation by the Department Chair for no more than one semester.  If, after a semester, the student has not resolved the issues that resulted in probation, or if the student subsequently fails to maintain Education Department standards for retention in the program, that student will be terminated from the program.

Likewise, any student who exhibits behaviors that are of serious concern to one or more members of the faculty or the administrative staff, may be placed on departmental probation by the Education Department Chair for up to one semester.  Behaviors are of concern when they seem to be in serious opposition to ethical standards and/or other standards specified for Teacher Education (see Guiding Principles for Faculty and Students of the CSB/SJU Teacher Education Department and Teacher Education Standards).

Any faculty member or administrative staff person who has a serious concern about a student will file a “Student Performance Improvement Plan” with the Department Chair.  The Chair will follow-up on the registered concern with procedures described in the handbook section Identification of Concerns.

While on probationary status, students can continue in their Education Program as described in the Identification of Concerns section of the Handbook and as specified in the letter from the Department Chair describing the terms of probation. A student who does not meet the terms of probation will be terminated from the program.  A student who is terminated from a CSB/SJU Teacher Education Program can only be re-admitted to the program with the approval of the Hearing Committee (see Appeal Process).