Education Department Handbook

Table of Contents

Introduction and Acknowledgement

SECTION I: Governance

CSB/SJU Coordinate Mission, Values, and Vision
CSB/SJU Undergraduate Learning Goals and Objectives


Teacher as Decision-Maker Conceptual Framework
Theme and Rationale
Departmental Philosophy
Departmental Mission
Departmental Commitments
Knowledgebase for Teacher Education


Standards of Effective Practice for Teachers

SECTION II: Codes of Ethics

Guiding Principles for Faculty and Students of the CSB/SJU Education Department
Code of Ethics for Minnesota Teachers
Code of Ethics of the Education Profession (National Education Association)
Code of Ethics for Teachers in Catholic Schools (National Catholic Education Association)

SECTION III: Education Club

Liability Insurance Coverage Information

SECTION IV: Departmental Requirements and Procedures

Teacher Education Standards
Major Requirements for Elementary Education with a 5-8 Specialty
Major Requirements for 5-12 and K-12 Teacher Education Programs
Requirements for a 5-12 or K-12 Education minor
Speech Proficiency
Application Procedures
Application Forms
Admission to Teacher Education
Appeal Process
Departmental Probation
Identification of Concerns
Liability Insurance
Departmental Exit Criteria
Core Requirements Met Through Education Courses
Notes to Advisors and Students
Basic Skill Proficiency

SECTION V: Teaching Internship

Description of the Teaching Internship Program
Liability Insurance
Human Rights Policy
Selection of Cooperating Teachers
Substitute Teaching
Approved Schools
9th Semester Tuition Reduction

SECTION VI: Placement, Licensure and Pre-Professional Skills Test

MTLE Basic Skills Test
MTLE Exams