Apply to the Program

Students wanting to major or minor in Education needs to complete an Admissions process with the Department. This admissions process occurs usually during a student’s sophomore year. Students seeking both Elementary Education and Secondary Education are expected to complete this process.

Students must ensure the following documents have been completed and submitted to the Education Department prior to the application deadline.

Items to complete:
  1. Dispositions form (self-reflection and faculty review are usually completed during EDUC 111).
  2. Teacher Shadow
    1. Complete a teacher shadow experience of at least 35 hours.
    2. Candidate completes a teacher shadow reflection paper and submits to Education Portal on Canvas.
    3. Evaluation of candidate completed by cooperating teacher. Candidates will send their cooperating teacher the link to the Evaluation: Teacher Shadow Evaluation by Cooperating Teachers
  3. Reference Evaluation for Education Program Admission (2nd reference).
    1. References can be completed by a faculty member within the Education or a different department, coach, advisor, or supervisor of your choice.
    2. Candidates will share this link with the person completing their reference: Reference Evaluation for Education Program Admission
  4. Intent to Apply 
  5. Entry Survey form

The Education Department will formally notify students the outcome of the admissions process 3-5 business days before Registration begins for the following semester. There are three potential outcomes:

Candidate meets all necessary conditions for admission to the program.
Next step:
Conditional Acceptance
Candidate meets most of the necessary conditions for admission to the program and has a plan to complete the rest.
Next Steps:
Candidate is missing application materials and/or falls short of conditions for admission.

Students have 30 days to appeal an admissions decision (see appeals section below).

If a student wishes to appeal the formal decision of their status with the Education Department, or any of any of the conditions that have been set for full acceptance, the student may appeal to the Appeals Committee.  A student does not need to appeal an Admissions Committee decision to apply again a following semester; that process is explained in the “Applying Again” section of this page.

Appeals Process
Within 30 school days:
  1. Meet with your Education Department advisor or another Education Department faculty/staff member to plan your appeal.
  2. Within 30 school days of receiving formal notice from the Department, submit to the Department Chair a signed electronic copy of a letter requesting a meeting with the Appeals Committee about the decision. The letter must include:
    1. Description of the decision you are appealing
    2. Summary of the grounds on which you are seeking the appeal.
    3. Name of one CSB+SJU faculty/staff member who will attend the meeting with you.

*If you miss the 30 school day window for submitting an appeal, you can re-apply to the department a following semester.

Steps that will take place after your letter is received:
  1. With in 5 school days of receiving the letter requesting an appeal, the Department Chair will forward an electronic copy of the letter to the Chair of the Appeals Committee for review.
  2. Within 10 school days of receiving the letter, the Chair of the Appeals Committee will determine whether there is cause for a meeting.
  3. If cause is determined, a meeting will be scheduled to occur within 20 school days. You will be notified of the date, time, and place of the meeting. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, this could occur via telephone or videoconference. You are encouraged to invite your chosen CSB+SJU faculty or staff member to the meeting.
Appeals Committee Meeting process:

The purpose of the meeting is to have the student’s voice be included in the Committee’s reconsideration of a decision.

  1. The Chair of the Appeals Committee will first summarize the Education Department’s decision in question.
  2. You will be asked to share any extenuating circumstances on which the appeal is based.
  3. Committee members and your faculty/staff representative will not speak on your behalf, but can ask you questions to better understand your situation.
  4. After you have had the opportunity to address all questions, you and your faculty/staff representative will be excused from the meeting and the committee will meet to review the information provided.
Notification of Decision:
  1. Within 24 hours of the meeting, the Chair of the Appeals Committee will notify you of the decision.
  2. If you believe the appeals process to have been unfair, you may appeal directly to the Dean or the Director of Academic Advising.
Reapplying to the program
Items needed to reapply:
  1. Complete a new admissions application in Forms Manager
  2. Two new references for faculty with whom you’ve worked with during the previous year. Reference form for Admission to Education Department
  3. All additional application materials and tasks completed in traditional application process (see above)
  4. Complete a Reapplication Form that includes answering these questions:
    1. What reasons do you have for pursuing teacher licensure?
    2. What are areas of growth since your previous application?
    3. What areas for future growth and improvement do you plan to target?
    4. What strategies, resources and/or supports do you plan to use to be successful in the program?

All materials for reapplication have the same deadline as the traditional admissions process.

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Leah VanOverbeke
Department Coordinator