Theology Education

The Theology Education Program, a combination of a Theology major and Secondary Education minor, prepares candidates for becoming 5-12 theology teachers. While a Minnesota teaching license does not exist for theology, our department places the same requirements, as available, on students of Theology Education as programs leading to licensure. This program includes both foundational coursework as well as a student teaching experience.

What You'll Gain

At the completion of this program, students will have accomplished:

  • 100+ hours of field experiences
  • An additional 600 hours during 16 weeks of student teaching
  • Opportunities for leadership through partnerships between CSB/SJU and local school(s) during Discover Your Future


Interested in the courses that this program includes? Check out the content (major) courses and education (department) courses here.

Admission to Theology Education

Interested in the Theology Education program? Learn about the application process to the department and how to prepare.

Seeking Licensure

The Theology Education program is a non-licensure program. A teaching license in theology is not available in the state of Minnesota for recommendation of candidate or program approval. However, candidates that complete this program have many similar requirements that our license-seeking teaching candidates must complete.