Dispositions Form


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Dispositions are operationally defined as tendencies or beliefs that are conveyed or made public through observable behaviors. Identify your choice by selecting the appropriate level. The following scale is provided as a means to describe the manner in which each behavior has been exemplified in your experience with the candidate. Please remember that students are graded with respect to their level of acceptable behavior or their deviation from it. A score of 3 is given to candidates who have exhibited acceptable levels of behavior or to candidates whose behaviors would not lead you to believe that their dispositions are anything other than acceptable. Scores that approach 1 should be given to candidates who exhibit less than acceptable behaviors. Scores that approach 5 should be reserved for students who exhibit exceptional behaviors. The automatic default is 3, so you only need to mark exceptions from the norm. Please respond to the question at the end of this evaluation, however.


  1.              Strongly Disagree
  2.              Somewhat Disagree
  3.              Agree
  4.              Strongly Agree
  5.              Exceptional/Outstanding 
Professional Commitment and Responsibility: The candidate demonstrates a commitment to the profession and adheres to the legal and ethical standards set for by it. The candidate...
  1 2 3 4 5
Maintains confidentiality as appropriate.
Demonstrates enthusiasm toward teaching and/or learning new and/or challenging material.
Demonstrates an understanding of, and compliance with laws and policies at CSB/SJU, the state and the national level.
Maintains professional or appropriate appearance.
Is prepared and punctual for class.
Is enthusiastic about instructional content.
Demonstrates academic honesty.
Professional Relationships: The candidate develops, maintains, and models appropriate relationships within the workplace, community and larger diverse society. The candidate...
  1 2 3 4 5
Maintains high expectations for self and others.
Demonstrates respect for the beliefs, views, and needs of self and others.
Demonstrates respect for self and others through appropriate support of peers.
Demonstrates behaviors that exemplify recognition and promotion of diverse opinions and perspectives of individuals and groups.
Demonstrates compassion for those experiencing difficulty.
Demonstrates patience/flexibility with self and or others during the learning process.
Demonstrates enthusiasm about collaborating with others.
Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice: The candidate demonstrates a commitment to continuous development within the profession. The candidate...
  1 2 3 4 5
Demonstrates critical thinking in written and verbal form.
Addresses issues of concern professionally.
Responds positively to constructive criticism.
Actively seeks out new information.
Seeks help when needed.
Demonstrates personal progress.
Demonstrates reflective practice in written or verbal form.