Apply to the Program

Students complete their application to the Education Department during the semester in which they are enrolled in EDUC 310 Educational Psychology. Though the admission process is separate from the EDUC 310 course, students receive instructions and deadlines with enrollment in this course.

Admissions Requirements

To be considered for acceptance, students must produce evidence of:

  • 2.5 GPA (Cumulative, Major, & Department)
  • Background check sans felony
  • A complete application package (see "Application Materials" below)

Application Deadline

The deadline is mid-B Mod each semester. Specific dates are announced each semester to students enrolled in EDUC 310.

Application Materials

Students must ensure the following documents have been completed, signed (as applicable) and submitted to the Education Department prior to the application deadline:

It is strongly encouraged to also submit:

  • Recent photograph (will not be used for admissions determinations)

Please contact Education Department Program Coordinator Clarinda Solberg with any questions. Please note that some of these documents may have already been added to your file; it is best to verify what documents you still need prior to beginning the process.

Acceptance into the Program

The Education Department will formally notify students of their recommendation regarding acceptance into the program, specifically  whether the student was accepted unconditionally, accepted with conditions, deferred or not accepted/declined.  Students whose applications were rejected  may re-apply for admission at a later time if there has been a  significant change in their application materials (e.g., completed NES EAS test); if so, the applicant must resubmit a completely new application  file (i.e., all application materials) for re-examination.


Students accepted into the Education Department on either an unconditional or conditional basis should ensure that they have an Education Advisor. Please visit the Education Department to obtain an advisor.


Students that would like to appeal the Admissions Committee determination may refer to the Appeal Process detailed in the Education Department Handbook.