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Learning and Teaching In A Multicultural School: Education 212  

With the close of your work in Education 212, you have completed an important step toward your preparation for licensure as a teacher.  Your confidential responses to the following questions, when joined with those of your peers, will help us refine this course as we continue to invite prospective teachers to work in multicultural schools.   

I. To begin...

1. In what school did you complete your one-week urban experience?

    Risen Christ___     San Miguel___   Expo___   Another School:____________

2. In what school or schools did you complete your local area experience?

    Lincoln___   JFK___   Talahi___   Madison___   Another School:_______________________

3. Please enter the approximate number of students from each group with whom you worked during your multicultural experiences in local and urban "metro" schools.

Urban School Group Local School
African (Somali, Sudanese)?
African American
American Indian
Asian (Hmong, Vietnamese, Laotian)?
Another group? Please identify:


II. Before you began your block experience...

4.  What did you know about your own cultural identity as you prepared for your week-long multicultural field experience in an urban school?  (What were your strongly held beliefs, biases, values, and interests about your own culture?)

5. What did you know about the cultures of the students enrolled in your "block" school before you began your field experience? (What did you strongly believe about their beliefs, biases, values, and interests?)

III. Now that you have completed your block experience...

6. What have you come to believe about your own culture as a result of your work in your urban "block" school?

7. What have you come to believe about the cultural identity of the students you worked with in your "block" schools?

6.  Who profited more from your work in the urban and local schools, you or your students?

IV. For the benefit of those who will take your place in the "block" next semester...

9. What about the block should remain the same?

10. What would you change to improve the experience?

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