Unit Assessment System

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Element 1: The Unit's Assessment System

Assessment Question 1: Do candidates we prepare for licensure as teachers possess the academic skills and values that will sustain their learning while enrolled in our program?

Assessment Question 2: Do candidates possess an integrated body of knowledge, skills, and values drawn from one or more disciplines central to their area of licensure?

Assessment Question 3: Do candidates possess pedagogical knowledge, skills, and values appropriate for their areas of licensure?

Assessment Question 4: Can candidates teach knowledge and skills to others while modeling values appropriate for their areas of licensure?

Element 2: Data Collection, Analysis, and Evaluation

Element 3: Use of Data for Program Improvement



Appendix A. Elementary Student Teacher Performance Profile

Standards Form with Rubrics

Appendix B. Secondary Student Teacher Performance Profile

Appendix B.1 Standards Form B

Appendix B.2 Selected Rubrics For FORM B to illustrate confirmation of goals using observed candidate performance.