V. Increase Education Department Faculty And Staff Knowledge About Diverse Groups and Their Cultures

          As we work to increase our faculty and staff members' knowledge about minority groups and their cultures, we continue to address multiculturalism in workshops and through readings. The following is a sample of "whole department" events and activities. Many individual faculty and staff members attended multicultural and diversity training and related events not listed below. 

Fall 2010:  A faculty member invited Kao Kalia Yang, Author of The Latehomecomer, to return to campus.  She held three different seminars for faculty and candidates wherein she discussed growing up as Hmong in Minnesota.

Spring 2010:  A faculty member again invited Kao Kalia Yang to campus. To prepare for her visit faculty members read her memoir.  Kao Kalia gave a moving presentation to the faculty regarding educating children who are members of minority cultures or ethnicities.

Spring 2010:  A faculty member invited Julie Landsman, author of A White Teacher Talks about Race, to the CSB campus.  In preparation for her visit, faculty members read her book about teaching in an inner city school for at-risk children.  Ms. Landsman's seminar addressed the characteristics of "culturally competent" teachers and her views on how such competence might be encouraged among candidates and novice teachers.

Spring 2006:  A faculty member invited Jose Bourget to offer a weeklong seminar on "Teachers as Transformation."  A former member of our colleges' professional staff responsible for diversity training of faculty and staff who is now working in the Dominican Republic to found and support a community and school. This seminar included a workshop and dinner with teachers from several of our school partners.

Spring 2005:  Ojibwa leader Winona LaDuke spoke to the Education Department faculty and staff about the education of Native American youth.

2005-2006:  Faculty read and discussed Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire.

2005-present:  Several faculty members traveled abroad or led one of the colleges' many Study Abroad programs.

2005-present:  Faculty members created Diversity Transcripts to record diversity-related experiences.

          We have set improvement goals focused on increase faculty and staff knowledge about diverse groups and their cultures for the term of this plan.

Goal 1: During one of our Teacher Education Committee meetings (department meeting) we will outline a plan for further education and training about diverse groups and their cultures.

           This plan should reflect the changing demographics of our partner schools.           

Goal 2: Prepare a proposal for an internal college grant for funds to implement the training program noted in Goal 1. The proposal will be prepared with the help of the diversity and partnership committees.