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OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate a synthesis of professional standards in practice in professional communities.

Candidates are provided an intensive full-semester experience in licensure appropriate levels that integrates practice across disciplines and addresses all aspects of professional practice; to provide intentional experience applying tier one and tier two experiences and theoretical learning with the focus of P-12 learning in the classroom; to provide opportunities for student assessment based on holistic application; to support a transition from role of student to that of reflective practitioner with related professional responsibilities including attention to diversity in community and classroom contexts.

       Courses with field experience at this tier: EDUC 360, EDUC 361, EDUC 362, EDUC 363

       Supporting academic courses at this tier: EDUC 359, EDUC 390



OBJECTIVE: To provide candidates with immersion in discipline-specific professional practice at appropriate licensure levels.

Candidates are provided with the following opportunities: focused observation and analysis of diverse student needs; collaborative planning, implementation, assessment and reflection guided by instruction, research, and by professional and content standards; application of technology and teaching and assessment opportunities.

        Courses with field experience at this tier: EDUC 313,EDUC 315, EDUC 318, EDUC 319, EDUC 321, EDUC 322, EDUC 325, EDUC 333, EDUC 334, EDUC 335,  EDUC 340, EDUC 341, EDUC 347, EDUC 354, EDUC 355/English, EDUC 355/Math, EDUC 355/Social Studies, EDUC 355/World Language, EDUC 355/Natural Science, EDUC 354, EDUC 356, EDUC 358

        Supporting academic courses at this tier: EDUC 150, EDUC 151, EDUC 216



OBJECTIVE: For prospective candidates to have immediate practical experiences - some with at-risk students - and interact in professional communities in a variety of settings to develop frameworks for clinical integration with P-12 student focus and to discern their commitment to this professional program.

This includes reflection on standards based learning outcomes. All experiences provide scaffolding for Tier II practicums.

1B. This level of the tier provides a sustained guided classroom experience including a full week experience in a diverse urban setting with structured reflection on diversity model theories and intercultural competence as seen in practice.

        Courses with field experience at this level of Tier I: EDUC 203, EDUC 212, EDUC 213, EDUC 215.

1A. This level provides experience in two settings, including one with at-risk populations to see if direct service with school age youth might be a fitting choice for prospective candidates.

      Courses with field experience at this level of Tier I: EDUC 111

      Supporting academic courses at this tier: EDUC 109, EDUC 150, EDUC 150, EDUC 310


Samples of Related Activities by Tier:

Tier III:

  • Final checkpoint for writing
  • Management plan
  • Preparing for the profession: rules and regulations, job hunting
  • Introduction to Sleeter and Grant, Beverly Tatum, Janet Helms, Sonia Nieto
  • Multicultural contributions and issues in education
  • Managements paper that integrates one or more diversity models
  • Achievement gap
  • Diversity curriculum analysis
  • Intensive reflection
  • Teacher conferencing
  • Faculty meetings
  • Team teaching
  • Lesson planning
  • Differentiated learning
  • Classroom management
  • Parent conferencing
  • Work with paraprofessionals
  • Varied assessments
  • Portfolio development that addresses inclusion, special services, demographic profile, two-week unit addressing diverse groups, post unit reflections, management skills

Tier II:

  • Lesson planning and delivery
  • Focused observation
  • Professional content standards
  • National and state standards
  • SIOP method for ESL
  • Communicative competence teaching theory
  • Gender issues in the classroom
  • Special needs
  • Poverty awareness
  • Rural issues
  • Learning styles
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Content-based instruction
  • Application of technology
  • Assessment opportunities
  • Exposure to cultural issues
  • Various and multiple functioning of the middle schools
  • Unique structural component to elementary, middle and secondary schools
  • Authentic assessment, performance assessments
  • Rural, suburban and urban
  • Private and public
  • Technology and teaching
  • Interdisciplinary lessons
  • Culture fair
  • Linguistic diversity, working with ELLs
  • Immersion schools
  • Techniques for accommodating diversity
  • Reflection
  • Collaboration with classroom teachers
  • One-on-one work with K-12 students
  • Group work with K-12 students
  • Enduring understandings and backward design

Tier I:

1. B 

  • School demographics
  • Awareness of issues and sensitivity toward working with multicultural student populations
  • Achievement gap
  • Reflection on one week sustained experience (thirty hours urban diversity immersion for all licensure levels)
  • Three week extended experience (thirty hours) in classroom for elementary licensure level
  • Awareness of theories of learning
  • Awareness of diversity models: Banks and McIntosh
  • Koa Kalia Yang, a Hmong American experience
  • Recognize use of Motivation techniques
  • Analysis of teacher practice as it relates to theory
  • Classroom techniques, teaching strategies for diversity
  • Standards based awareness
  • Scaffolding for tier II
  • Demands for increased critical thinking
  • Challenging prospective candidates stereotypes about learners
  • Perry
  • Piaget
  • Vygotsky

1. A

  • 25 hours with at-risk youth (service learning) with reflections on SEP based learning outcomes
  • Exposure to Ruby Payne, Banks, McIntosh, Julie Landsman and linguistic differences
  • One full week teacher shadow experience
  • Introduction to standards of effective practice
  • History of education and current events, including poverty, gender and diversity issues.
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