III. Evidence

Education Department Curriculum Approval Process

The Education Department follows the same procedures as all other departments at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University when seeking approval for program or course approval and/or revision of programs or courses.

When the Education Department faculty determine they have need to make a change in the education program:

  • The Teacher Education Council (TEC), which includes all full-time faculty and former full-time faculty holding part-time teaching assignments, consults with and is advised by its Teacher Education Advisory Council (TEAC). This advisory council includes K-12 faculty and administrators from area schools in partnership with our program, faculty and administrators from our colleges, and Education faculty.(TEAC contributes to the evaluation of the Department’s licensure programs and policies so as to stimulate their continuous improvement.)
  • TEC draws on TEAC advice to propose curricular changes.
  • TEC approves the proposed curricular change and presents it to the Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS).
  • CAPS affirms proposals from TEC but also has the right to refer proposed changes back to TEC for resolution of specific concerns.
  • TEC thus approves all curricular policies relating to teacher education, but does so only after having consulted widely with K-12 schools (through TEAC) and with the faculty of the college of arts and sciences (through CAPS and TEAC).

Website for the Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)

https://www.csbsju.edu/academicaffairs/Faculty/Handbook/part_5/003.htm#5.3.2 Committee%20on%20Academic%20Policies%20and%20Standards%20 (CAPS) 

Examples in the Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS) folder and the Chair’s Annual Report three-ring binder will bear witness to Education Department’s following these procedures in making curricular and program changes.

September 19, 2005