III. Evidence

5.3.2 Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)

The Committee on Academic Policies and Standards oversees the quality and functioning of the entire joint undergraduate academic program outside of the core curriculum. In addition to reviewing and acting on new course proposals, it formulates guidelines for achieving and maintaining integrity and excellence in academic programs. Membership

The members of the Committee on Academic Policies and Standards are:

a. five voting members, elected to three-year terms—one faculty member elected from each of the four academic divisions (Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Science, and Social Science) and one faculty member elected at large; and

b. five nonvoting members—the provost, the academic dean, and two students, one from each college, appointed by their respective student governments.

At least two of the voting members must be tenured.

The registrar, the director of academic advising, the director of the libraries, and a representative of Information Technology Services serve as consultants to the committee. Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Committee on Academic Policies and Standards are to:

a. review and act on proposals for new courses and for revisions in majors, minor programs;

b. recommend to the Joint Faculty Assembly the addition or deletion of majors minors, and programs;

c. create, review, and revise policies that relate to the registrar, library, media, calendar, and other academic matters not specifically assigned to other standing committees;

d. establish and revise academic standards, including admissions (in cooperation with the Office of Admissions), probation and dismissal, and graduation standards;

e. establish, review, and revise policies related to the periodic review of departments and programs;

f. appoint faculty representatives to the College of Saint Benedict Admissions Committee, the Saint John’s University Admissions Committee, and the Calendar Committee;

g. communicate with the appropriate faculty committees as deemed necessary; and

h. initiate whatever action is necessary to fulfill its duties and responsibilities.