Economics Club

  1. To foster the advancement of the social sciences and serve the community by informing it of economics-related issues.
  2. To organize events of interest to its members.
  3. To provide students with information and literature concerning the field of economics.
  4. To fund events that create opportunities for development in the social sciences.

The Economics Club is open to all students with an interest in economics – not only those majoring or minoring in it. It is a great way to supplement learning in the classroom, meet new people with similar interests, and form connections with CSB/SJU Alumni.

  • President – Hayden LaMonds
  • Vice-Presidents – Kaitlyn Quimby
  • Treasurer – John Arms
  • Administrative Coordinator – Benjamin Ziebarth and Julio Matamoros Dubon
Faculty Advisor:
  • Parker Wheatley

Those interested in participating or learning more about the club should reach out to an officer or email the club at [email protected]

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Parker Wheatley
Chair, Economics Department

Ashley Koshiol
Department Coordinator