"What Can I Do With a Major in Economics?"

The "What Can I Do With a Major in Economics?" discussion took place on April 18th, 2001 in the HAB. Below is a summary of the four panelists and highlights of the important questions brought up.

The Four Female Panelists:

  • Rachel Hillman: Graduated from CSB in 1999, and has a Masters in Economics. Is a State Research Analyst for the Department of Economic Security- constructing and managing statistical databases
  • Lynn Schaffler: Received an MBA at Carlson School of Finance. Financial analyst, sales rep., health care consultant
  • Mara Mohs: Graduated from CSB in 1999, is beginning MBA at Carlson, and employed at General Mills Customer Service Center- order products for grocery companies
  • Monica Millbert: Graduated from CSB in 2000, and works at Target Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN- merchandizing, order products for buyers, and analyzes trends in sales

Questions and Answers:

Why did you choose to be an Economics major?

  • analytical and quantitative
  • broad job opportunities
  • recruiters will look for problem solving and analytical skills

What is the value of an MBA?

  • more opportunities to move up
  • firms will pay to send people to school

What is it like being a woman in Economics?

  • more opportunities for women today
  • women with a quantitative major are one step ahead

What minors fit well with an Economics major?

  • minors should reflect your true interest
  • tells the company how well rounded you are

Does GPA make a difference?

  • it might get you into an interview, but other skills are definitely more important
  • the interview is key
  • make connections with alumni—they may be able to get you passed the standard screening

What would you do over in college?

  • study abroad
  • taken more math classes
  • take the fun classes too—this is your only chance
  • internships and networking
  • learn more languages (Eastern langs. are in demand)

What challenges do you face at your job?

  • being held accountable
  • staying focused on your interested when you get bogged down with the little things

What are some possible careers?

  • the middle man between the technology (engineers) and the people (business decision makers)
  • insurance and banking
  • you can make your career whatever you want it to be . . . have fun with it!