Links to Career Information

What Do Economists Actually Do?

Check the Occupational Outlook Handbook for information on the nature of work, working conditions, employment, training, other qualifications and advancement, job outlook, earnings and related occupations.

What Can I Do After Graduating From CSB/SJU?

Check South-Western Thomson Learning for great information about graduate schools, career searches, and resume polishing.

How Do I Find a Job or Internship in Economics?

The University of Rhode Island Economics Department gives a step by step plan for finding a job and great links for job searching (including resumes, summer jobs and worldwide internships).

What Jobs Are Currently Available in Economics?

Check Economics Jobs for current job openings nationwide! This Web site also offers an on-site search for economics jobs.

What About Jobs Outside the United States?

Check Overseas Jobs for various links to international jobs (Canada, Spain, South Africa, etc.).

Learn more about the career paths CSB/SJU graduates have pursued, see the answers to questions posed on a panel discussion, visit What Can I Do with a Major in Economics? to learn more about the career paths one could take, and learn about the post-baccalaureate studies that may be of interest to economics majors.