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An economics major or minor are excellent preparation for life and work after college. Our graduates go on to great careers in business, finance, consulting, law, policy, and on to excellent opportunities in graduate studies. What makes the economics degree so versatile and valuable in today’s job market is a combination of what economists study, how they study it, and how they apply this knowledge.

And at CSB/SJU, the economics department’s curriculum offers our majors even more valuable skills to take into the workplace. We have actively developed advising plans for different tracks that students can pursue with the economics major.

Please see the following information on suggested courses given your longer-term interests:

Also check out the CSB/SJU Experience & Professional Development for more information on careers in economics and general information on career planning.

Preparation for Living in an Ever-changing World

Economics majors and minors are also well prepared to participate in an ever-changing world as informed citizens as well.  The emphasis on economic issues and policies gives students in economics a more complete picture of the world and more ways for understanding the complex world in which we live.

Preparing for Internships, Jobs or Grad School

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